TODAY   |  April 09, 2014

Judy Greer: Ashton Kutcher gave my dad a Harley

Actress Judy Greer has been in more than 80 film and television roles, but mostly as characters. She writes about her life as a co-star in a new book, and shares the story of how Ashton Kutcher gave her dad a new motorcycle.

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>>> she's appeared in some of your favorite movies and tv shows and was probably just on a commercial you saw today or yesterday.

>> we are talking about judy grier who's had more than 80 film and tv roles, making us laugh as the bff in romantic comedies like "the wedding planner," " 13 going on 30 " and "27 dresses."

>> yep. and she's also gotten a little raw on --

>> ooh.

>> -- yeah, on the hit sitcom "arrested development," and took a dramatic turn in "the descendants."

>> if you're thinking that's judy grier, that's the premise behind her book. it's called "i don't know what you know me from." "confessions of a co-star."

>> it's so nice to meet you.

>> it's nice to meet you.

>> we loved you in "bridesmaids" even though you weren't in bridesmaids.

>> do people walk up to you and ask you?

>> yeah, more than i thought. it's nice to be included in that group of women, of course, you know, that people think i should have been in that movie.

>> but down deep, you're kind of bitter, right?

>> well, you know, when i think of the residual checks that those actresses are probably getting.

>> just a hint of bitterness.

>> i think it's great that you can be placed in so many different roles.

>> oh, yeah.

>> do you like playing the bff of so many people?

>> i do, yeah. it's fun. i mean, you get more days off. yeah, you meet a ton of different people. you always have the funny lines.

>> and you get some anonymity, too. you don't have to put up with some of the things -- not to say a-list, but the really well known.

>> yeah. that life is tough.

>> i know. hoda and i can barely deal with it. i know, back off, yeah.

>> you have some great stories in your book that are fun. one of them -- well, we loved a bunch of them -- but the one about j. lo . you apparently go into bathroom stalls, and you are next to a lot of famous people ?

>> yeah. when you say it like that, you make it sound like i sort of stalk around the ladies room.

>> it's a little weird, creepy.

>> it's all been very organic the way it's coming up. but in "the wedding planner," they had a bathroom on the set that was our office. one day during a break, i think she was, like, i'm going to go to the ladies room. i thought, i should probably do that, too.

>> while i have time.

>> and while she's going. i really didn't think of it that way, though. i just followed her in and we went into the bathroom like you do when you're girls.

>> together. hoda and i like to do that, too.

>> what happened when you were in there?

>> then we went to the bathroom, and then we washed our hands, and then she left. she's a much faster peer than i am. she was in and out with quickness.

>> did you want to say something to her in there?

>> i don't know. it's weird, right?

>> when ellen was in the bathroom, and i didn't know what to say. oh, my god.

>> you said nothing. nice flow. that's all you can really say to anybody. don't you think? nice flow. compliment people, hoda. it will get you far. but then people -- a lot of people apparently say oh, you're so much prettier in person.

>> yes. how are you supposed to respond to that?

>> i don't know how to respond to that. i say thank you. but sometimes if it's late at night and i've been out with a man and i say yeah, that's not really a compliment.

>> one of the great stories in your book involved ashton kutcher . it made us fall in love with him again.

>> tell me about it.

>> tell that story.

>> when i was shooting this tv pilot for "misguided" which did get on the air but then was immediately canceled. wah, wah. we were shooting the pilot. ashton was my boss. he was producing. he wasn't acting. late one night, he said what are you going to do if this show gets picked up? i'd love to buy my dad a harley . he really wants to buy a motorcycle. he said if the show gets picked up, i'm going to buy your dad a harley .

>> that's never going to happen, right?

>> when our show got picked up, we have a big party for all the advertisers and his assistant slips me a card with my name on it, and there was a picture with a harley inside. and it said call this number to pick it up.

>> isn't that great?

>> are you kidding? a lot of people say nice things, but they forget.

>> i say a lot of things and forget all of it. i was really shocked. and he's got to be way busier than i am, so that was pretty awesome.

>> whose comedic work have you just really sort of been inspire inspired by as you were developing your career?

>> i mean, i always loved, like, "when harry met sally" and "tootsie" and "moonstruck." i know they're kind of older films, but that's what i watched when i was young, thinking those are real comedies.

>> you're still young, and you are a delight. and the book is really entertaining.

>> great. thank you so much. whoever you are, jane greer . it's an adorable book.