TODAY   |  April 09, 2014

Easter eggshell cupcakes inspired by online DIY

YouTube’s Zayna Aston joins TODAY to talk about some of the site’s most popular how-to video sensations, including one that shows how to make some adorable Easter eggshell cupcakes.

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>>> for you.

>> so we're going to try to show you the most popular ones with zana ashton. you're going to show us how to do easter baking, cupcakes in an egg shell .

>> this comes from a channel called, their youtube channel . very popular, over 32 million views. we're going to make these easter egg cupcakes baked right into the eggshell. you need some decorated raw eggs, which you'll empty out. if you want to grab your cake batter. you can do this with any cake mix that you like. you only want to fill it about half to 2/3 full so it's got room to bake.

>> al playing hurt, by the way. he's a warrior. so what's the next move?

>> you pop them in the oven. when they come out, they look like this. you can eat them, just crack the egg, and have a cupcake. or you can grab some frosting and put it on top.

>> we would like to.

>> we just heard you've never had a peep. we're going to rectify that after the segment.

>> you've got to have a peep.

>> america's finest export.

>> that is really good.

>> you call all your friends in britain, tell them what they're missing.

>> i'll let them know.

>> leave them out for a couple of days, they get crunchy.

>> oh, goodness. this is delicious.

>> you didn't finish it.

>> i'll finish it later.

>> she's trying to run a segment here, al.

>> next up is a video from the hey caylee youtube channel . she did a lot of crafting and tutorial videos. over 300,000 subscribers. she's also the host of the number one talk show on youtube called the mom's view. so what we're going to make are these easter egg string decorations. all you want to do is grab your egg shaped balloon, and take some of the string and you'll dip it into the liquid starch.

>> how do you make liquid starch if you're at home?

>> the bottle.

>> put that in there.

>> i remember grandpa saying, i remember when we used to make liquid starch!

>> you'll leave it to dry overnight. the next morning, it will look something like this, which we can pop right now.

>> you pop it?

>> you pop the balloon. you want to let the air out a little bit slowly.

>> look at that.

>> and it eventually ends up looking like that.

>> that's very cool.

>> yeah.

>> this is a little secret i'm told if you lose the back of your earring.

>> it is. this is to make your life easier, it comes from a youtube channel called list 25, which does a variety of 25 lists, educational and entertaining. one of the tips is how to use lost jewelry. by using a vacuum cleaner and stockings. so we've got some vacuum cleaner . if we just turn on this. put the stocking on that. there we go. and you'll see --

>> look at that.

>> i think you've got a bigger problem if you've got that many backs laying around.

>> that's true. a very popular video with over 1.2 million views.