TODAY   |  April 09, 2014

Barber sets Guinness record for shaving heads

A barber from the St. Baldrick’s Foundation, a charity committed to funding research to fight childhood cancers, breaks the Guinness World Record on TODAY for most shaved heads in 60 minutes.

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>> but she's a poisonous frog and in love with this bird. she can't kiss him. he doesn't really know she's alive. i don't know if women out there understand this. i certainly have been there.

>> you've been through there?

>> of course. haven't we all been hurt? but she can be stalker-ish.

>> you added a twist i didn't expect.

>> there you go.

>> you have fun doing this?

>> i love it.

>> fun to use your voice to create a character as opposed to just singing a song .

>>> back here on day three of spring breakers today. it's all about shaving heads.

>> we've been watching this man david alexander hard at work for nearly an hour. is he going to set the record for most heads shaved in one hour.

>> how is our time?

>> this is the record breaker right here. this is 73.

>> awesome.

>> he's just got to finish this one head to set the record, at least until we find out from mike.

>> 30 seconds. 30 seconds left.

>> let's do it.

>> 20 seconds.

>> and you're good. chausz [ cheers and applause ]

>> yes! yes!

>> david, come on over here. mike, come on over here. put down your clippers for a second.

>> how you feeling?

>> good.

>> i guess it doesn't make any sense talking to you until we get the official word from the adjudicator for guinness world records .

>> the official word is that with 11 seconds to spare, you broke the record. this is for you. congratulations. officially amazing.

>> thank you.

>> how do you feel?

>> great. i'm a little hairy.

>> yeah.

>> carson needs a little trim.

>> a few more seconds to spare, i was about to jump in. you did it. congratulations. what a great foundation, too. you've got to be proud. thank you to everybody here, all 73 of you.

>> well-done, folks.

>> heads never looked so beautiful.

>> exactly right.

>> david, thank you so much. mike, thank you very much.

>>> tomorrow, we're going to attempt a record for the largest exercise ball class right here in the plaza. so stick around, guys.

>> i'm telling you, that's a lot of hair down there.