TODAY   |  April 09, 2014

Kristin Chenoweth: My ‘Rio’ frog is ‘bit of a stalker’

The actress joins TODAY to chat about lending her voice to “Rio 2,” the sequel to the animated hit “Rio,” in which she plays Gabi, a poisonous, opera-singing frog.

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>>> hall of fame . in her latest role, she plays an opera singing poisonous frog in "rio 2." it's difficult, because gaby is in love with a villainous bird named nigel.

>> you're the only one who knows what it feels like to be all alone. m misunderstood. you're the evil to my lethal.

>> i can see why they call you gaby. where are you, you filthy fowl? hoot.

>> oh!

>> kristin chenoweth , good morning. nice to see you.

>> you, too, matt.

>> so you play a frog that can't be touched, but this week you couldn't be touched literally. you're just recovering from strep throat .

>> strep throat and bronchitis. my voice has never been lower.

>> you feeling all right now?

>> i'm better. it's certainly nice to be out in this weather.

>> isn't it great?

>> you want my coat?

>> maybe.

>> in a second, i'll give it to you.

>> thank you, matt.

>> so let me make sure i understand the poisonous thing. if i put my hands all over you, do i die instantly or only after my wife finds out?

>> i say number two.

>> number two?

>> if she kisses anyone, she'll kill them. which, i mean, who doesn't relate to that?

>> exactly. i've been in that situation. and it's cool, because first of all, it's a great movie.

>> thank you.

>> it really is. the sequel is fantastic. there's a bit of a romeo and juliet feel here. it may not be the montagues and the capulets.

>> but she's a poisonous frog and in love with this bird. she can't kiss him. he doesn't really know she's alive. i don't know if women out there understand this. i certainly have been there.

>> you've been through there?

>> of course. haven't we all been hurt? but she can be stalker-ish.

>> you added a twist i didn't expect.

>> there you go.

>> you have fun doing this?

>> i love it.

>> fun to use your voice to create a character as opposed to just singing a song .

>> yes. this is a new character from the first movie. when they called me in and said you're going to be playing a new part, i thought a bird, of course. i'll be playing a bird. but no, it's the frog.

>> we need you to know that savannah is deathly afraid of frogs. did you know that?

>> yes, i know.

>> you are her worst nightmare in this movie.

>> i'm going to kiss her with tongue.

>> with strep throat and tongue. you brought a little something?

>> i did for her.

>> you shouldn't have.

>> hi, savannah.

>> hello! how are you?

>> oh no, you're dead. i actually have a gift for you. i hope it doesn't bite.

>> it's alive?

>> i'm just --

>> why don't you open it? there are no frogs in this movie, right?

>> me. i'm the frog. poisonous.

>> oh! honestly, i was afraid it was going to be alive. now that's just sweet. i'm not afraid.

>> of course.

>> thank you so much.

>> she looks like she's had a little plastic surgery in the lip area. but go for it.

>> kristin chenoweth , thank you. you're going to be back a little later with kathie lee and hoda?

>> i will.

>> glad you're feeling better. now i'll give you my coat.