TODAY   |  April 09, 2014

Kansas City anchors bring gifts for TODAY family

The anchors from the NBC affiliate KHSB in Kansas City, Missouri brought some hometown treats with them to New York City, including some famous barbecue sauce, ice cream, beer and some Kansas City sports onesies just for Savannah.

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meantime, got some nice friends visiting from kshb, our nbc affiliate in kansas city . the news anchors, and kaylene handles the weather. you brought us some great kansas city stuff.

>> kansas city has a lot to offer. barbecue, of course. we brought several different flavors for you to try so you can make your own decision.

>> ice cream .

>> once you've had the barbecue and it's spicy, we brought some ice cream to cool you down. the champagne bottle, we can pop the cork.

>> you have a lot of baby stuff.

>> savannah is expecting. we brought some chief, royals and sporting kc. we brought some baby gear for savannah as well.

>> guys, thanks so much. we're going to bring this in for you.

>> thank you very mup.