TODAY   |  April 09, 2014

Whee! Grandma, 78, takes first roller coaster ride

A grandma’s contagious laugh is caught on camera as she goes on her first roller coaster ride. The ride is part of a marketing campaign that will also show her flying in a plane for the first time.

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>>> on tuesday, we showed you what happens when a little baby goes through the car wash for the first time. all right. here's what happens when a grandmother takes her very first ride on a roller coaster. take a look. [ laughter ]

>> okay, that's contagious. that's 78-year-old ria van den brand, she's from the netherlands. the video is part of a marketing campaign that will eventually see ria taking her first trip on an airplane. it's good thing she had that reaction.

>> she throws up.

>> mr. bearer of bad news.