TODAY   |  April 09, 2014

Pistorius: ‘I did’ shoot and kill Reeva Steenkamp

Prosecutors are hammering away at Oscar Pistorius this morning as they begin their cross-examination in his murder trial. NBC national investigative correspondent Jeff Rossen reports from South Africa.

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>>> tensions high at the murder trial of oscar pistorius this morning. prosecutors are getting their first chance to question the olympic sprinter on this, his third day on the witness stand . today national investigative correspondent jeff rossen has covered this trial every step of the way. jeff, good morning to you.

>> reporter: hey, matt, good morning to you. big and powerful day here in court. perhaps the biggest yet. as emotion and fireworks rain, oscar pistorius once again breaking down on the stand this morning. he told the court how he thought he had an intruder in the house, grabbed his gun, and in his words, "before i knew it i fired four shots." today he revealed reeva steenkamp, his girlfriend, was still breathing when he found her in the bathroom. he carried her downstairs, she died in his arms. just a short time ago, moments ago really, cross-examination got under way and the prosecutor here came out swinging against pistorius. take a listen.

>> my lady, i've made a terrible mistake.

>> you made a mistake?

>> that's correct.

>> you killed a person. that's what you did, isn't it?

>> i made a mistake.

>> you killed reeva steenkamp, that's what you did.