TODAY   |  April 09, 2014

Expert optimistic that black boxes will be found

Bob Hager, a veteran aviation correspondent for NBC News,joins TODAY to discuss the latest news on the missing flight, including the reports that two new pings were picked up in the search.

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>> bog hager, he covered aviation for nbc for 20 years. if they have four different instances of ping sounds, why isn't that sufficient right now to put that blue fin 21 under the water and start mapping this location?

>> well, once you start mapping, it takes so long, so you've got to really narrow that search down. so if they've got four, they'd just like to get a lot more so they can get the area smaller and smaller and smaller where they have to map with the sonar.

>> because they're definitely running up against borrowed time here. we've past the 30 days that the pinger must be able to make sounds, so the sounds are getting fainter. if they never get another ping again and this is the search area, do you think it's doable to find the black box ?

>> i do. i think they've got enough now that they will find it, it will just take more time. but i think now they'll find it eventually. i didn't always think that. but with all these pings that they got so far, i mean, they're in the area. they'll get it -- it may take a lot of time, but they'll get it.

>> you may have answered my last question, but how confident are you now, the fact that we've heard four distinct pings. does that make you feel fairly confident that we may be able to find the black box ?

>> i think -- there was a time when we never know what caused this, but i do believe that they're going to get these boxes. then there's the question, will they tell you what happened? but they might.

>> some painstaking work ahead. thank