TODAY   |  April 08, 2014

Fabio Viviani makes puff pastry tomato tart

Chef Fabio Viviani shows Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb how to make a tomato tart with shredded cheese and garlic that you can prepare as a main meal or side dish.

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>>> it's time to bring you to today's kitchen.

>> that was written in the prompter. that was sick.

>> puff pastry , tomato tart. grab your ingredients because chef fabio is here, chef and owner of sienna tavern in chicago and a paid spokesperson for bortolli.

>> viewers selected a tart.

>> maybe it is starting to get back on the table. it is a simple dish. you can also use puff pastries, store bought would do just fine. sliced tomatoes, all kinds of varieties. also, the green one, if you had some green tomato just go for it. sprinkle them with salt. then you get one sheet of bupuff pastry and you cut edges. it doesn't have to be super precise. you can go like this.

>> you mean like the crust?

>> correct. i make the edges of the crust. if you see it is a little dry you can help wet it with a little water.

>> on top of it?

>> underneath.

>> exactly.

>> we are fine with it.

>> does he know who he is dealing with over there.

>> there is a little chef in everyone of you guys. we are good here. we are good. so when you cook it they raise and look nice for presentation. then you add mozzarella. you put some mozzarella on it like that.

>> i like it.

>> then you add garlic. a little bit or a lot depending on how italian you want to be. and then fresh herbs. this is chive and basil here. we have rosemary, thyme, whatever is in season. then we go with the tomatoes. you can add the big tomatoes if you want to.

>> just anyway you want .

>> that's it?

>> please, go ahead.

>> and should they all be one layer?

>> if you want to be precise you put them in layers. if you want to be more rustic just put them on top.

>> that's it?

>> then you drizzle a little bit of extra virgin olive oil .

>> how easy if you are at home with your ingredients?

>> exactly.

>> once it gets out of the oven -- look at that.

>> how long are you cooking that for?

>> depending on how crunchy you want your puff pastry . 275 for 15 or 20 minutes .

>> that's it?

>> isn't that pretty?

>> that is beautiful for like brunch.

>> what you do is finish that with either a little bit more mozzarella or --

>> fresh parm.

>> that is a thing of beauty. what else have you made here?

>> we have something that also reminds us of spring which is water crest, avocado, hazel nut and oranges.

>> what is in the drink?

>> balsamic vinegar and strawberry martini. i will cut a little bit of pastry for you here.

>> we got to go. delicious. for the recipes check our website.