TODAY   |  April 08, 2014

Author encourages finding ‘miracle moments’ daily

In her latest book “Be The Miracle,” New York Times best-selling author and Cleveland Plain Dealer columnist Regina Brett encourages people to celebrate the small miracle moments you experience every day. No matter what you’re going through, she says, “get up, dress up and show up!”

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>>> so excited about the woman sitting to our left. a lot of times i happen to choose the quotes that come from this very wise woman.

>> her name is regina brett. her most recent book is "be the miracle" welcome.

>> thanks for having me on the show.

>> if you are in a funk -- i think i might have been in a funk when i first got your book. you read these beautiful life lessons and it turns the beat around. how did you gather the stories?

>> most of us live our life in a funk. for me my life is pretty messy. i got pregnant at 21. wasn't married. greatest gift of my life looking in the rearview mirror . i got cancer and felt like a mess but you learn to collect the moments. it is amazing it is all about other people that found the miracle moments or created them.

>> people find you -- because you write and people say i have another one for you?

>> you run into people every day and you have say what is your story everyone has a miracle story. everyone has a story

>> happiness is choosing to love what you have.

>> that's a theme all through "god never blinks". you can say i have to get up early. i get to. you have a great job. i get to take the kids to soccer.

>> it shifts everything.

>> one word can change your whole attitude about something.

>> i told you that.

>> most people are like hitting the gas pedal and missing things?

>> that and we put a magnifying glass on the wrong. right now what is the good? a woman gave up her seat like i noticed it. small little thing. the gentleman was so appreciative. little things .

>> you can focus on the crummy thing. there can be a beautiful painting and you can say what is the crack at the bottom.

>> get up, dress up and show up.

>> that i went through chemo, six weeks of radiation. sometimes you feel like you are unplugged. whether going through divorce, disease, just today get up, dress up, show up. if that is all you do, success for the day.

>> when i was going through what you are going through when i wasn't feeling well every day i went to the gym. i couldn't do anything. i physically walked in and either walked slowly on the treadmill --

>> psychologically you were part of your healing.

>> get rid of anything that isn't useful, beautiful or joyful.

>> that doesn't mean your spouse.

>> unless it's been going on forever.

>> i think we all clutter our lives with so much stuff. underneath it is the essence of who we are. for years we had this giant exercise equipment in the bedroom. i said get rid of it. it was as big as the bed. he was going to sell it. never sold it. gave it away. it leaves room for something better. make room for who you really are.

>> if you want a great read you have two great books out and another one coming out in april. "i have god never blinks", "be the miracle" and the next one is all about [ female announcer ] intense illumination. sublime softness. experience the luxury