TODAY   |  April 08, 2014

Bring spring home without breaking the bank

Lifestyle expert Chassie Post offers tips for TODAY viewers on how to brighten up your home, such as swapping out dark colors and wool blankets for something cheerier.

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>>> now that spring is here, it's time, they tell me, for the inside of your home to match the outside. by swapping out dark colors for something brighter. how many times have i told you that, tamron?

>> i know. you keep tell me and i buy into it because he is the guru. you don't need to spend a lot of money redecorating. all you need are a few well-placed items around your house. chasti chastity, good morning. we've got a lot to get into.

>> we do. the first trend we're seeing everywhere is the power floral. so no mild floral. we're talking big, bold florals with attitude.

>> okay.

>> so one of our favorite ways to bring in some bold floral is wallpaper. a lot of people get intimidated, but you don't have to do all four walls. you can even do one wall or take a piece of wallpaper and make a beautiful frame out of it and hang that on your wall. and this is by clark and clark. neons, metallics. you can get it at decorator's best. and we just love this floral.

>> that's really pretty.

>> the pillows here.

>> the easiest and most affordable way to transform a room is with a throw pillow . and these are, again, high octane florals. they're from deny design. you throw them in, you get tired of them, you can move them out next season. but these will really add some pop.

>> this is good for when your sofa is a basic color, right?

>> basic color is perfect. if you've got a solid and you can work in a floral with anything. now, throws. another really transformative portable way to bring in some florals. these are india cantha florals. this floral is from an etsy shop. indian cushion covers. just $35. cart this from room to room and it's reversible. you can turn it over. and then rugs. never underestimate the power of pattern under foot. these are by urban outfitters . $44. they're sort of a more modern blown up rose pattern.

>> so pretty.

>> what you call the three cs. curiosities.

>> well, curiosities are actually small, very curious exotic objects that are used for conversation pieces, put them on your coffee table or a bookshelf. and z gallery has an amazing selection. starting at $24 coral, or an extinct sawfish.

>> that will get it going.

>> perhaps a gold cobra. and also sara home has exotic bird cages, a horn magnifying glass . one of our favorite ways to get in on the curiosities is this book. cabinet of natural curiosities. look what you can do. open it up, take out these beautiful prints and drawings and you can frame them and put them on the wall. so for $39, it's a great way to get curious.

>> next c is copper.

>> copper. so copper is the next big metal. we're loving the warm metals. everybody says to us, we love copper, too, but how do you keep it clean? we like a patina. call us crazy. but you can also use this great stuff called copperbrill. it can keep it shiny. copper from everythingkitchen, and a modern version, which is this great light fixture.

>> a cheap way to pop your home.

>> we love metallics. it's like jewelry for the home. colorful glass is our next trend. it really makes you want to entertain. this is the padma collection, padma came up with this beautiful collection. you can get it at bloomingdales starting at $10. hand- painted glass bowls and drinkware. these are so chic and fun and they start at 99 cents .

>> this is so exotic and pretty.

>> really rich and festive and a great way to get people to come entertain, come over to your house this spring.

>> and to distract from my bad cooking. thank you so much. you can find out about the trends on