TODAY   |  April 08, 2014

Biden jokes about sleeping with prof (his wife)

In TODAY’s Take, Willie Geist, Al Roker and Tamron Hall chat about the American Association of Community Colleges convention on Monday, where VP Joe Biden had a funny one-liner about sleeping “with a community college professor every night,” adding, “the same one.” He was referring to his wife, a community college professor. “Again, the vice president, boom,” says Al.

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>> welcome to "today" on a drizzly tuesday morning here in new york city , april 8th , 2014 . that crowd is undeterred each and every morning.

>> rolling spring break, baby.

>> i'm willie geist along with al roker , natalie morales , and tamron hall . if my eyes are late red and bleary, it's because i was up watching the game last night.

>> and you were rooting for uconn ?

>> i didn't have a rooting interest. i went to an s.e.c. school , so i sort of lean toward kentucky.

>> what does that mean?

>> s.e.c. ? al! is that real?

>> i thought you were making fun --

>> they always said you can't sneeze when you're on tv.

>> well, that's a lie.

>> you know there's something else you can't do.

>> when you're talking, apparently you can't sneeze. she wasn't talking.

>> oh, okay.

>> i'm not going to explain what the s.e.c. is. you're going to have to google that one out. uconn did beat kentucky, winning its fourth national title. it was a fun game to watch. in texas stadium . 80,000 people, including george w. bush seated next to william jefferson clinton , the two presidents sitting shoulder to shoulder. tony romo , the quarterback right in front of them.

>> laura bush there, too.

>> i wish they'd put the kiss cam up.

>> i was thinking the same thing.

>> so they were at the game. a bunch of cowboys, jerry jones in the box.

>>> fashion statement of the night at the championship game goes to injured willie collie stein. out with an injury. rocking paisley steves, and then putting the jersey up on top of it. how nice is that? looking good. but the big story here, guys, is uconn wins the title.

>> people are saying oh, okay. see, i'm sporting the trend, too. the paisley.

>> all you need is a jersey to finish the look. anyway, tonight is ladies night .

>> the uconn women, who are undefeated, 39-0, play the undefeated women's team from notre dame , which is a clash of the titans . the two very best teams in women's college basketball . if connecticut wins, you have the men and the women as the two best teams in college basketball .

>> the last time they did that was 2004 .

>> ten years ago.

>> a big deal .

>> big night for connecticut.

>> we should wrap up our brackets.

>> i was about to mention that. so you won the bracket challenge.

>> which gives you an idea of what it really takes to win a bracket.

>> you just asked me what the s.e.c. is and he won the tournament.

>> handedly. 72. how is that possible?

>> and he didn't pick a single final four team, right?

>> how does that work?

>> yours was less bad than the other ones, essentially. ours was so bad. yours was less bad.

>> mine was so bad. 55. i got 55 right.

>> this was a hard year, though.

>> thank you, willie.

>> i'm going to give you credit.

>> you hear that?

>> i think warren buffett , when it comes to --

>> that bet.

>> but i'm on top? but worst shall be first.

>> exactly.

>> so who wins tonight, mr. roker?

>> it will be women. it will be a team with five women on the court.

>> very bold.

>> thank you.

>> very bold.

>> all right. hey, my man joe biden getting some more laughs yesterday. this is his latest one-liner. this is the annual convention for the american association of community colleges , takes place in d.c. he was praising the work done by community colleges . takes a different kind of tact. check it out.

>> i think i have the same attitude, did i not sleep with the same community college professor every night. the same one. [ laughter ]

>> his wife, dr. jill biden is an english teacher at a community college in virginia.

>> just to make that clear.

>> he should have said the same one first, as opposed to making it sound like he goes to a bracket. which community college professor --

>> he knows what s.e.c. stands for.

>> i bet he does. so anyway, the vice president -- boom.

>> delivering.

>> boom.

>> and he gets away with it.

>> well, come on. it's funny.

>> because it's him.

>> it was very cute. very funny. what's not cute or funny is what happened to this teacher in new hampshire. a lot of people talking about this. a 79-year-old teacher who friends students at her school on facebook. in fact, she's friended about 250 students on her page. she's lost her job because she refused to, quote unquote , unfriend the students. carol is a substitute teacher for nine years at stevens school in claremont, new hampshire. she told the newspaper that the school gave her the ultimatum, either take the students off or she would be terminated. she decided she would not comply and she was terminated. the back story is apparently before she friended these kids, there was an incident, a really bad incident at the school where a math teacher was accused of having an inappropriate relationship with the student. ultimately sexual assault with a 14-year-old. that teacher was fired. but carol says why is she being penalized for the bad actions of another individual? the school apparently has a zero tolerance policy on this. they said she's a great teacher. they praised her. had nothing but kind things to say about her, but their policy is that you can't friend kids you teach there.

>> if that's their policy, i think it's pretty clear. and especially given the recent incident. i mean, it's clear they're saying better safe than sorry in this case. but she's a 79-year-old woman.

>> so she made a choice. she said i'd rather quit. and good for her for taking a stand. but you understand the skchool's point of view, too.

>> the school had no comment when we reached out. carol told us this morning, she thinks the word "friends" got in the way. it's connection and so many students need connection beyond the academic classroom. when i was in school , i had teachers' phone numbers who said if you're struggling with something or if you have a question, you can call us, and they allowed it. it was a different time. but you have to be safe.

>> i applaud her for that. a woman of her age who is in the school , she's active. and look how great she looks. and she's really just wanting to make a connection with these kids. i mean, i see both sides of the story. but i guess the school has a one size fits all policy.

>> what's the difference. lila has teachers that give all the students their e-mails, so if you have questions about e pails, assignments, things like that. what's the difference between getting an e-mail --

>> i don't know what the policy is at the school . but you can't do that there either. she sounds like a great woman and a great teacher. but you do see frit from the school 's point of view. because you can't control that relationship. maybe she does it in a safe way , but maybe there are teachers who are doing it more in a predatory way. it's a very differently thing with social media for a school to manage relationships that they can't really keep an eye on.

>> they've got to protect these kids.

>> maybe they can come to some compromise, with her keeping her standards and work it out here. i hope that that's the case. because it's sad that kids would be -- they would miss out on something that this woman can bring to their lives. so hopefully they can reach a compromise on it.

>>> well, here's one if you think you're having a bad day . take a look at what happened to this poor fedex driver. surveillance video from columbia, tennessee, capture what is seems to be a routine fedex delivery, barking dog included there. it takes about 15 seconds for that van to start rolling backwards. and the driver trying to get it to stop. a neighbor caught the whole thing on home security camera. you see it hit a couple of poles there. fedex did tell us while this video shows an unfortunate situation for the driver, safety is our top priority . we are relieved no one was hurt. it doesn't appear there was any substantial damage. the damage is to the packages delivered.

>> do you need to pull the emergency brake ? what's the key there?

>> it did roll itself to a stop.

>> that could not have ended any better. it dodged trees. it didn't hit anybody. it nuzzled up to a fence.

>> kind of hit the door.

>> parallel parking willie geist style.

>> i would never make a mistake like that.

>> for those of you who missed it, willie geist claims he's the world's greatest --

>> no, top five. i'm a humble guy.

>> greatest parallel parker.

>> and you've put this to the test?

>> it's been proven.

>> what happened?

>> crushed it. nailed it. choose your term.