TODAY   |  April 08, 2014

Bob Saget: ‘Full House’ was ‘adults acting like kids’

Comedian Bob Saget joins TODAY to talk about his iconic show “Full House,” his new book, “Dirty Daddy,” and what pulled him through rough times in his life.

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>>> let's turn now to a very talented comedian and actor bob saget . his most famous role came as danny tanner , the widowed father of three on the hit sitcom " full house ." now saget is out with a new memoir detailing life, loss, and yes, that show. it's called "dirty daddy." bob, good morning to you. nice to see you.

>> good morning, matt. always good to see you.

>> the chronicles of a family man turned filthy comedian. anybody who's ever seen you in standup or something like that probably left with their jaw hanging open. where did it come from?

>> well, i have a dentist at all shows that opens their jaws on the way out. i'm a father, which is a conflict of interest when you read the title. i've always had comedy that was both family comedy, whether it be a role that i played, or my standup, i kind was a little more unleashed. and i do a parental thing in my work. i don't want kids to do drugs. i don't want them to go near animals in the wrong way. what time of day are we on?

>> this is early in the morning . you were a morning show host for a little while, so you understand the line between things you can and cannot say.

>> and i got fired from that job.

>> that gives me a lot of confidence here. the book is about death, comedy, my testicles and how they all intersect.

>> it is difficult when you take the third party of that sentence and try to intersect it. it was really -- it took a year and a half to write it. it had to do with things -- we've lost a lot of people in my family. my parents lost four children. and it was pretty serious. and my mother actually passed away about seven, eight weeks ago.

>> i know, my condolences.

>> thank you.

>> you were just about to release this book.

>> the only thing i was able to do thanks to the gentleman at it books at harper collins , had me fix the author's note, which was a lovely thing to do. and my mother got to read about half of the book and said, you're very good, bobby.

>> i would imagine she was very proud of you. you write a lot about " full house " in those days. very kind. very fond memories. you protect your cohorts. but it had to be a little like animal house with dave coulier and john stamos .

>> there were goats going to the bathroom on buckets. it was very good fun. like adults acting like kids. my 9-year-old habits were quite silly. and we're all friends today.

>> the book is wonderful. but it does -- it does kind of go in a roller coaster ride through your life. bob, congratulations.

>> thank you, matt. i miss you already.

>> i miss you already, too.