TODAY   |  April 08, 2014

How much should you tip your waiter?

Tim Urban from the website Wait But Why asked bartenders and other experts about how much you should tip and why. One finding: You should tip a waiter between 17 and 20 percent.

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>> let's start with something we do every day, but we're unsure about it. tipping.

>> yeah. big issue.

>> so, when should you do it and how much? tim urban from the website surveyed waiters, barbers, and experts to find that tipping sweet spot .

>> put you on the spot. see if you guys are doing it right. how much does he say you should tip a waiter?

>> 20%.

>> at least.

>> maybe kick in an extra.

>> 17 to 20%, even if the service is bad, never tip below 15.

>> is that on the subtotal or the taxed total?

>> it doesn't say.

>> just total.

>> i do the total total.

>> the service is bad, i tip more as incentive for that person -- maybe he needs more --

>> you're rewarding --

>> absolutely. kill them with kindness . that's what my mom taught me.

>> how much do you tip the food delivery person?

>> probably about --

>> i'd say five bucks.

>> depends on the order.

>> he's got two hands.

>> you give somebody 4?

>> it depends, like i said, on the order.

>> in the rain?

>> if it's a rainy day , i give, like, 20.

>> if it's 50 bucks, i'll do, like --

>> ten bucks.

>> yeah.

>> it says two to 3, but do throw in a little extra if the weather is bad. and if it's a big order.

>> i always do 20. hair or nail salon . or as matt says, sell-on.

>> salon.

>> i have no idea.

>> at least 20.

>> yeah, 20, 25.

>> 15 to 25.

>> okay. how much do you tip your bartender?

>> they know everything. you tip them a lot of money.

>> this is what i thought it was.

>> the more you tip a bartender, they put that thing upside down and give you a couple extra there.

>> if they do a show and throw the thing around, even more, right?

>> that was the whole tom cruise thing.

>> basically a dollar per drink. but if it's a big, big tab, 15, 20.