TODAY   |  April 08, 2014

Analyst: Pistorius didn’t say why Reeva was ‘afraid’

TODAY’s legal analyst Lisa Bloom weighs in on Oscar Pistorius’ testimony at his murder trial, and says that “he hasn’t explained why she was afraid,” referring to the athlete’s late girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp.

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>> "today's" legal analyst. good morning to you.

>> good morning.

>> so oscar pistorius is talking right now about the moments immediately preceding the shooting of reeva steenkamp. what jumps out at you?

>> well, listen, he's going minute by minute. if i'm the prosecutor on cross-examination coming up, i'm going second by second. how is it possible when you heard this noise you didn't turn to see that reeva wasn't next to you in the bed. when you went to reach for the gun, wouldn't you have had to face her and notice that her side of the bed was empty? when you were telling her to get down, didn't you notice that she didn't respond? and what about the five neighbors who called out and said that she was calling out, that she was screaming. you didn't hear her scream, not even once?

>> there's a portion of the testimony a little bit earlier where they talk about their relationship, and at one point, as you just heard, oscar pistorius says, "i think i was more into her at times than she was with me. i was besotted with her." and then referring to that e-mail that we've heard a lot about, or that message where she says to him, i'm scare of you sometimes and how you snap at me and how you will react to me. he says, "it was a bad day in our relationship. i think i was just being sensitive. maybe i felt a bit insecure or jealous." that opens up a can of worms as well, doesn't it, lisa?

>> you've zeroed in on the most important text, matt. what he's talked about is how he felt. he hasn't explained what she was feeling. right there in the text, it says that she was scared, and not just scared -- scared of him. scared of him snapping. he hasn't explained why she would be afraid. an ordinary lover's spat wouldn't explain that.

>> and by the way, there was testimony as well where oscar pistorius talks about growing up and how his mom used to sleep with a gun under her pillow because she was afraid of intruders and how she would wake the children up if she thought they were being burglarized. is that going to have any impact with this judge?

>> maybe a little. there's been a lot of drama with oscar pistorius on the stand yesterday and today. i think the judge is going to set aside that drama and is going to want to focus on the evidence. look, he has the right to have a gun next to his bed, but he still has to behave reasonably and he still has to explain why he shot through a locked bathroom door, not aware that that was his girlfriend on the other side of it.

>> all right, lisa bloom for us on this. as always, thanks very much.