TODAY   |  April 08, 2014

Deadly weather strikes South

Dangerous storms hit the South overnight, with powerful tornadoes, heavy rain and flash floods. Millions from the Midwest to the Northeast are feeingl the effects of tempestuous spring weather.

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>>> meantime, al is following powerful storms and a lot of tornados southeast. talking about from mississippi into the carolinas.

>> that's right. as we were coming on the air yesterday, we were telling you about these storms. i mean, massive activity. and it really caused big problems. this is the timeframe. you can look -- i mean, just massive devastation. as we go to the radar, the time lapse from yesterday, you can see these storms moving across. so much damage in such a short period of time. and in fact, they'll still be cleaning up this morning as these storms continue to cause problems. a dangerous tornado tore through two north carolina counties late monday, causing major damage and injuring up to 13 people. this morning, residents in rural mississippi are assessing the damage caused by an ef-2 tornado there. the twister destroying nearly 30 homes and damaging dozens more.

>> it picked my trailer up, and fell right on top of this car right here. on top of this thing.

>> authorities say nine people were injured. in other parts of the south, torrential rains were the problem, causing surging water and flash floods . a woman in georgia died after her car veered off the road into a swollen creek and was swept downstream.

>> the vehicle was found by our swift water team a little further down the river, and it was in the area where there was a lot of debris.

>> and the body of a 9-year-old girl swept away by flood waters was recovered late monday in mississippi . residents of jackson are outraged that authorities didn't move more quickly to close off streets, after the city was deluged by seven inches of rain and flood waters more than a foot deep in some places. the nightmare forcing many motorists to abandon their cars while others were left stranded and had to be rescued from flooded streets. there is a lesson to be learned from that. you see deep water , don't drive in it. you don't know how deep it is and then you end up having to be rescued, so don't do that.