TODAY   |  April 07, 2014

Joy Fit: How these people lost over 294 pounds

TODAY nutritionist Joy  Bauer welcomes two people, Camron Marshall and Sarah Berger, into the Joy Fit Club, after they lost a combined 294 pounds. Sarah was motivated to lose weight when she had to wear a seatbelt extender on an airplane, and Camron wanted to get fit to keep up with his nephew.

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>>> we are back with "the joy fit club " and two new members who got fed up with being overweight and decided to do something about it through a healthy diet and exercise.

>> they lost nearly 300 pounds combined and here to introduce them to us is "today" nutritionist and leader of "the joy fit club ," joy bauer.

>> hi. it is going to be pretty hard to beat, but i think we can do it. these people are unbelievable.

>> sarah berger is the first person.

>> 35 years old from chicago, illinois. and in this picture she's at her heaviest, she's 333 pounds here and she felt depressed, defeated and she told me she really thought she had lost her chance to have a fulfilling life. her a-ha moment happened on the job. she's a nanny. so she had her kids she was taking care of, who she adored and cherished, at the playground and there were other mean spirited kids that started yelling nasty things about her weight. she felt at that moment it changed the relationship she had with her own kids because they lost respect for her. it was horrible. but she spurred into action. i will tell you her success is dependent on one word, support. she hired a trainer, she met with once a week, who supported her every single day, to today. she bonded with a gym rats at the gym and they gave her kudos every time she hit a milestone and her family, she set up a text chat every time she weighed herself, she sent the number off to all of her friends and family. and, of course, you know, no matter what it says, they were motivating.

>> i can't wait to see her. here is her before picture.

>> she's 123 pounds thinner!

>> look at you!

>> how do you feel?

>> i feel amazing, yeah.

>> she's a personal trainer now and gets her inspiration from her clients.

>> that is fantastic.

>> how much exercise played in along with your eating habits?

>> six days a week. it is a lot. i love it.

>> good for you.

>> 40 more pounds she wants to lose and there is no doubt she's going to hit --

>> i'll send you guys photos.

>> she has these crazy recipes. this is her hummus cookie dough .

>> yes.

>> if you like it, i'll tweet out the recipe.

>> hummus and cookie dough mixed up well, it is chickpeas.

>> is it good?

>> all right.

>> it tastes like cookie dough .

>> it does.

>> i can't believe it.

>> next we have 34-year-old cameron marshall from irving, texas. in this picture, he weighs 382 ponds. he started gaining weight after high school , sort of like that single guy syndrome. he didn't have a cook, didn't know when to shop for and relied on fast food . breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. his 4-year-old nephew actually asked him all weepy, why can't you play with me? how come you're winded all the time. that did it for him. he jumped into action. he'll walk out here. he is 174 pounds slimmer and you won't recognize him.

>> come on out. let's see.

>> oh, yeah.

>> show them the biceps.

>> awesome. wow.

>> wow.

>> so what does your nephew say now?

>> calm down. i'm exhausted.

>> yeah, we're able to do all the things that he likes to do now, which is -- i'm sorry, for me, it is a little -- this story is a little emotional for me.

>> of course it is. what an accomplishment though, god bless .

>> really changes.

>> three things he did, i want to show some of the strategic moves. he eats his sandwiches open face , he loses the top layer of bread and uses a fork and knife. it slows down the bites. he took a couple of things, salad toppers, that make boring rabbit food exciting, fruit, olives, slivered almonds, salsa. and he's still a guy. guess what this is? it is a frozen meal . he's doing healthy frozen meals.

>> those are available now for people.

>> and frozen vegetables . it works.

>> one choice at a time.

>> congrats.