TODAY   |  April 07, 2014

Two women took ‘leap of faith’ as entrepreneurs

Award-winning actress and best-selling author Marlo Thomas encourages people to reinvent themselves and pursue their dreams in her new book “It Ain’t Over…Til It’s Over.” Cinnamon Bowser, founder of Nail Taxi, and artist Layla Fanucci share how they created successful businesses.

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>>> have you ever thought about quitting your job or changing the course of your life completely to follow your dream but you thought to yourself, well, it is just too late?

>> award winning actress and best-selling author marlo thomas says it is never too late. and writes all about it in her new book "it ain't over till

it's over: reinventing your life and realizing your dreams anytime at any age".

>> she's hethese women are the stars of my book, two of the 60 women i wrote about in the book. they're so fabulous because they didn't let society tell them what they should do if they were the right age to do it. they just decided to take their dream and go for it.

>> all these women , each of them, had a moment, like, you call it a eureka moment, they said --

>> an a-ha moment, that can be terrifying. what made these women take the leap?

>> i think because we realize, all the women are realizing, if you're 42 years old, your dream runs out on you, it does somewhere in the 40, you raised your family and now what? and, hey, you can live another 40 years, you can live another 50 years, what are you going to do with it? you better have a backup plan, a second dream , a third dream .

>> i like cinnamon's dream . this was genius, you knew women loved manicures. you decided instead of us going to the manicure place, you would bring the manicure to us.

>> i had a roommate in college who was pregnant with her third child, this is after school, of course, i called to check on her one day, how are you what do you need? she said i would love a pedicure before i deliver. i said let me find someone to come to you. i searched the internet and called salons and couldn't. that's when the idea for nail taxi was conceived.

>> nail taxi.

>> great idea.

>> show up at people's homes or --

>> we go to hospital rooms, offices, hotels, wherever they need it. we do weddings, baby showers .

>> a boost.

>> what were you doing before that and were you afraid to sort of jump out of that?

>> i walked in pr for 13 years before i had this idea. and there was a lot of fear, you know? but i went ahead and pushed through it and did it and i would like to encourage women to take that leap of faith , to go for it.

>> what is a great idea too is to do one little thing every day. you can't do the whole banana at once. if you say, okay, i'm going to make a call. today i'm going to figure out how i -- something.

>> what skill set i need.

>> please leave your card with hoda, okay?

>> looking at this great painting by you, leila, you took a leap and decided to become an artist, something you loved your whole life.

>> yes, yes, i did.

>> most people don't make money at that. it must have been scary going into that.

>> it was very scary. it was very scary. but my hope was to create something that nobody had painted before, and i layer cities on top of each other. underneath this city you see lives two other cities, venice and new york, new york times as well.

>> what a great idea.

>> how clever.

>> underneath the cities live other cities and so my job was to create something that nobody paints in the world.

>> but the first person she went to, an art gallery expert, that she was told to go to for advice, said, no. no way.

>> it will never --

>> there is always a naysayer.

>> there were portraits and -- and that work had been done before. she said --

>> this is unique.

>> in the market, you have to create something that nobody paints in the world.

>> just a discouragement, made her own thing.

>> they need a paycheck.

>> this all seems great, but you know, we need to be practical too, don't we?

>> we do need to be practical. also, there is all kinds of -- one woman sold all of her clotheses on ebay, all of her fabulous clothes. another woman took a loan out on her retirement fund, scary, but she did it, mortgaged her house and sold her car. if you want to go for your dream , you got to go for it.

>> nobody else can do it.

>> you got to believe in yourself.

>> da vinci , anucci, i love it.

>> thank you.

>> 58 other stories and every one of them --

>> they're all great.