TODAY   |  April 07, 2014

‘Captain America’ breaks box office record

Josh Zepps from the Huffington Post fills Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb in on the latest entertainment news, from “Captain America” breaking records for the highest grossing movie opening of the year, to a video making the rounds of actor Jon Hamm appearing on a 1996 dating show.

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>>> did geronimo break the guinness book of world records with the most double dutch jumps in one minute?

>> i love that dog. before we get to that, it is time to get you caught up on all of "today's buzz" with the celebrity gossip you missed over the weekend, here is josh zaks.

>> thank you, ladies.

>> i'm waiting, i want to find out.

>> cannot reveal it yet.

>> they're adjudicating.

>> it takes time. let's start with the box office . no surprise really what wound up on top.

>> " captain america " doing gang busters . $9.62 million in north america . huge internationally. cracked $300 million globally.

>> the eighth in the franchise, from what i understand.

>> who can even count?

>> $3 billion.

>> yeah. it did particularly well in china where it made almost $40 million. it just goes to show that studios have to start thinking about exactly whether something works for the chinese market as well. but it is the biggest opening week -- biggest opening april weekend ever.

>> ever.

>> are you mocking my --

>> now, "noah" in second.

>> not doing wildly well, but made back its money. it will go on to make more than $200 million, which is good.

>> no small change .

>> and third place was "divergent" and fourth place was "god's not dead" starring cassidy.

>> a small role. there she is. let's stop and look --

>> get the adjudicator to --

>> she shot that two years ago. you grow so much as you're making it.

>> " captain america ," they're planning it out to 2028 . they have at least 14 years worth of more franchise.

>> is it unusual for a film to go from fifth to fourth? usually every week you see them dropping.

>> it is a good sign. "noah" lost 60% of the audience between the first week and the second week. so word of mouth matters.

>> jon hamm 's cute video that came out.

>> 25 years old. i'm not sure that cute is the right word.

>> jon hamm is next, 25 years old, he's a waiter. jon hamm , ladies and gentlemen .

>> how do you make her feel special?

>> well, start off with some fabulous food. little fabulous conversation. and then --

>> what else is fabulous, jon.

>> end it with a fabulous foot massage for an evening of total fab fabulosity.

>> total.

>> i'm not sure about the haircut.

>> that was the haircut that what's his name had in "winter's tale" and that's why the movie didn't do well. colin farrell .

>> encouraging to people like know see, like, the coolest, hottest guy on television back when he was 25, looking a little like a sleazy sort of -- he doesn't look cool. there is hope for us yet.

>> he never got picked. he was on that show twice and --

>> the girl passed over him and tmz tracked down the woman who didn't take him. and she lives in los angeles , she's married for five years, so she said i don't regret it for a second. i wouldn't take a thousand jon hamms over my husband. i don't know why you need a thousand of them anyway. probably just three.

>> let's talk --

>> use them up so quickly.

>> let's talk golf digest . it is a controversial cover. it is not a golfer on the cover.

>> it is paulina gretzky , nothing to do with golf other than the fact -- she looks hot, put her on the cover.

>> put her on the cover of a hockey magazine, not golf.

>> she's engaged to --

>> i can't remember the name.

>> dustin johnson, a pga guy. but there is an uproar because a lot of the female golfers are saying, what about us? what are we, chopped liver? this is not a swimsuit " sports illustrated " edition.

>> what are they trying to get, more people to buy the golf magazine ?

>> i'm sure that's going to work.

>> it is not going to happen.

>> so negative on our anniversary.