TODAY   |  April 07, 2014

Rashida Jones on ‘difficult’ dancing in new movie

The actress joins TODAY to chat about kicking up her heels in a new movie called “Cuban Fury,” where she plays an engineer with a hidden passion for salsa dancing.

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>>> rashida jones has appeared in dozens of tv shows , movies, probably best known for her six-year stint as anne perkins, leslie's best friend on the hit nbc series "parks and recreation."

>> now rashida is kicking up her heels in the film "cuban fury," where she shares talent for salsa dancing along with her co-worker. but when it comes to bowling, though, quite a different story.

>> amazing.

>> can i just give you a little bit of constructive feedback?

>> yeah, please do.

>> well, i've noticed a little flaw in your game.

>> okay, listen, i think i know what you're going to say. this probably is about me continually rolling the billions into the recessed gutters, isn't it?

>> yes, it is.

>> yeah. i think it's the only weakness in my game, you know?

>> it is the only weakness, but it's a pretty major one.

>> yeah.

>> i love that. rashida jones , so good to have you back here.

>> hi.

>> so this movie is not really about bowling, it's more about salsa dancing .

>> yes, i hope so.

>> did you know about salsa?

>> i didn't know. i trained for this movie. i trained for a couple months in london with nick and it was really, really difficult. don't try anything new as an adult. because you'll realize how bad you are at it.

>> that's terrible advice.

>> actually, try something new. it's good. it's humbling.

>> tell people at home about nick frost , who may not know who he is, because he is incredibly funny in this movie.

>> he is incredibly funny and tale talented. he is an english comedian actor and writer. he was in movies like " shaun of the dead " and "hot fudge." he's the smartest, coolest, sweetest person i've ever had the chance to work with.

>> you wanted to work with him. you stalked him.

>> i wasn't like active or dangerous or anything.

>> wasn't a restraining order.

>> no, not yet. we'll see how the press goes for the movie. but i loved him and wanted to work with him and i did kind of fan girl him a little bit. yeah.

>> that's okay.

>> what is it like shooting in london ? you're an american in london , literally.

>> it's different. it was raining every single day. i was there during the summer right before the olympics. and it rained every single day.

>> all right.

>> that is not great. it was the middle of the summer. but everybody's really nice.

>> it was terrible. is that what you're saying?

>> it was a lot of tea.

>> any other stereotypes?

>> a lot of tea and a lot of scones. they do say cheerio. cheers. cheerio.

>> the other guy we have to talk about in this movie, because you have sort of relationships with all these guys, is chris o'dowd, who was -- it was a really great script, but he delivers some of these lines, most of which can't be repeated on television.

>> it's a little early for what he said. but he plays the foil, the kind of third point of the love triangle . he's a very confident man.

>> yes.

>> and he teases nick a lot about his weight and about his status in the office. i know, you do feel really bad for him. but also, luckily, off screen, chris o'dowd teases me a lot about my height and my age.

>> oh.

>> wait a minute.

>> he really gets away with it. he's funny enough -- the jokes are funny enough that it's okay.

>> all right.

>> do you miss "parks and rec"?

>> i do. but i see my castmates all the time. i text with amy every day. we have not admitted that we are apart yet. denial, yeah.

>> rashida jones , you're so full of talent. "cuban fury" hits theaters this friday.