TODAY   |  April 07, 2014

Kirstie Alley: ‘I have a goal to lose 30 pounds’

The actress talks to TODAY’s Matt Lauer about her fight to keep the weight off as she returns as the face of Jenny Craig. “I have to be more disciplined,” she says, and offers some tips for keeping off the pounds.

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>>> emmy winner kirstie alley has been in the spotlight for more than 30 years, from sitcoms to movies to her public battle with weight. and we're delighted to have kirstie back here in studio 1a this morning. good to see you, good morning.

>> good to see you.

>> before we get to announcements and involvements, how are you? i was looking at the research. you haven't been here in a few years. are you doing okay?

>> i'm doing great. i'm having a lot of fun out there. in the world.

>> you love doing a sitcom again?

>> i do.

>> does that life work for you?

>> it's the best life that you could possibly have. it's better than a banker's life. it's the best actor life you could have because you basically work four days a week, sort of.

>> i think what's great, you work with great people. you have michael richards of "seinfeld" fame. rhea perlman of everything fame. is that one of the benefits of doing a sitcom, you just get to hang out with funny people?

>> you don't field like hanging out unless you trust the people that you're working with. because they're so genius, we do just get to hang out. it's feeling really good.

>> i was raised never to talk about a woman's age, but you blurted your age out on a national show not long ago and you told the world you are --

>> well, i had a birthday since i blurted that.

>> so you're --

>> so now i'm 40. no. i'm 63.

>> all right. and i get the fielding you are not letting that age define you. you're kind of throwing it out the window and saying i feel great.

>> well, there's nothing you can really do about it. so that's how you have to work with it. i think you just sort of -- you know, i feel amazing because i feel healthy and i feel happy and i have my kids are doing great, and i have a sitcom. i mean, who wouldn't feel great?

>> yeah, why complain?

>> i don't have anything to complain about really.

>> last time i was with you, we were at your house.

>> yes. you were on the yellow sofa. i remember it well.

>> i remember it well, too. we were talking about some nasty comments that were written in some of the newspapers and tabloids about your weight.

>> yes.

>> you want to talk a little bit about that now? because i know you were with jenny craig -- i think it was 2004 to 2007 .

>> yes.

>> have i got the dates right?

>> yeah.

>> and you lost a lot of weight.

>> yes.

>> and when you stopped, you did kind of roller coaster.

>> i did. for a while -- i maintained it for three years. i maintained it actually i think for four years. and then, you know, i went off the rails a little bit.

>> what triggers that? what triggers going off the rails?

>> there's two things with me. i think everybody's different. two things with me. if i have man trouble. and they upset me. and then the other -- you can't imagine that.

>> one-sided, but that's okay.

>> listen, men, stop upsetting your women. you make them fat. and the other one is i have too long of a definition of a holiday. which, you know, the christmas holiday lasts from halloween to valentine's day. so i just -- i have to really be more disciplined in that time period . and i stopped doing what jenny craig tells you to do. and i didn't have a consultant anymore. and that's for me really crucial.

>> and i was reading that you're watching "kirstie" the sitcom and you looked and said i need to lose some weight again.

>> yeah. i was like, you look okay on the street. but you don't look -- on tv, not so much. and it is different. it's different for actresses because you really do look a little different on television. and showing you from every angle. you know, if i'm posing for a picture, i'm not turning my butt around.

>> but you're not also the kind of person who wakes up every morning and runs to the skasm.

>> -- scale.

>> i am now.

>> there's a couple things you can do that help. write down everything that you eat. and if you weigh every day, because what happens with me anyway, if i don't weigh every day, then i don't weigh for about a week, and then i get on the scale and i've gained three pounds and i go okay, then i don't get on the scale again until six months later, because i'm just afraid to get on the scale. so if you can make yourself do it every day, i think that that's a good thing.

>> but you're now going back and you are going to have a business relationship with jenny craig .

>> yes, i am, matt!

>> that's the big announcement.

>> you were there before for the big announcement. this is your duo announcement. yes, we've sort of merged situations, and i'm really excited.

>> yeah. and do you have a goal?

>> i have a goal to lose 30 pounds.

>> okay.

>> i know this isn't politically correct, but i grew up -- you know, when there were actually fat ladies in the circus. and now so many of us are fat that you can't tell us apart. there were actually fat ladies in the circus. remember that at fairs and different things and they would parade the fat lady out. so i call that circus fat. and i'm not circus fat, but i need to lose 30 pounds.

>> just get back to a fighting weight.

>> well, 30 pounds is a lot. for most women, they would flip their you know what, the thing we can't say, but they would flip out.

>> you want to come back? will you kind of keep us abreast of this, so to speak?

>> i want to come back every week until i can just stand here naked and proud in front of the world.

>> just the mental image there. you tweeted last night, by the way --

>> i did.

>> you were going to come on the show and make me blush at least a dozen times. so there's one. you owe me 11. 11 blushes to come.

>> if i wasn't censored, i could make you blush all over the place.

>> and we'd both be out of work. kirstie alley , it's always nice to see you.

>> matt lauer , thank you.