TODAY   |  April 07, 2014

April Fools’ pregnancy joke on teacher goes viral

A teacher who has a rule that if your cellphone rings in class, you have to answer it and put it on speakerphone, got pranked by a female student when she got a call announcing she was pregnant. The teacher apologized and she revealed it was a joke.

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>> now something they're calling the best --

>> stick around, bill. the best prank ever. it happened in grand rapids , michigan. all you need to know is that one professor there has a rule that if your cell phone rings in class, if you're a student, you've got to answer the call, you've got to put it on speakerphone for the entire class to hear. and in this video, sure enough, one student's phone goes off during class. take a look.

>> is this necessary?

>> yes.

>> this is kevin.

>> okay, you might want to --

>> okay.

>> okay. [ laughter ] [ applause ]

>> oh, wow. got schooled.

>> that was a good one.

>> i love that professor. it was like he knew he was being videotaped.