TODAY   |  April 07, 2014

White House considers ban on Obama selfies

A top aide says all selfies with the president could be banned. The White House was apparently so irked by baseball star David Ortiz’s selfie with the president that officials called Samsung to complain, though Ortiz insists it was not a publicity stunt.

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>>> these days, when a person meets the president, i think the first thing is to not shake hands, it's to take a selfie. but has david ortiz ruined the presidential selfie for the rest of us? i pose the question, because after the red sox slugger's photo with president obama turned out to be staged, although doesn't he say it wasn't staged?

>> he says no, it was spontaneous.

>> apparently the white house is cracking down anyway. a top aide says from here on out, all selfies with the president could be banned. the white house does not want to risk another publicity stunt. in fact, the administration was so irked by that photo, they complained to samsung, expressing concerns and calling the product placement inappropriate.

>> okay.

>> i hope it's not the end of selfies.

>> maybe case by case.

>> as long as there's no product endorsement .

>> i think most regular folks don't have those product endorsements. so it's probably safe to do a selfie with them.

>> reminds me, by the way, of that song that my kids are addicted to. let me take a selfie