TODAY   |  April 07, 2014

Kirstie Alley: What I’ve ‘always wished for’

The actress, along with actor Greg Kinnear, join TODAY in the Orange Room, where Carson Daly tries to engage the pair in a round of Orange Room Roulette, resulting in a saucy answer from Alley.

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>>> is in very good company in the orange room .

>> how are you guys doing? later in the 8:00 hour, we'll get to know why you guys are here. we have a thing we do at called orange room roulette. they come in, answer a question left to them from the previous celebrities. very confusing. we're going to have you both take a shot at it.

>> i think greg should go first.

>> greg , want to go first?

>> show a little enthusiasm, greg . come on.

>> why are we doing this?

>> who left that one?

>> what makes you happy? that is literally the question. what makes you happy.

>> who wrote that?

>> quick early segment in the morning.

>> we'll move on to kirstie.

>> okay. we get to write these before we leave, right?

>> that's right. you get to write a couple.

>> oh, my god. of course i got the world's longest question. what's something you always meant to do but never got around to. or dared to.

>> who's that from?

>> i think it's sandwiched between these two. with matt lauer watching. you want to know where's matt lauer ? that's where he is.

>> well, fantastic. you want to see more of these, and why wouldn't you? go to

>> we're going to franchise this.

>> they're going to actually write a question. greg , what's the question you're going to leave for the next celebrity?

>> i have to say --

>> probably about trigonometry.

>> politics.

>> this one's fantastic.

>> read over his shoulder, carson.

>> why are you leaning over my -- [ laughter ]

>> greg is gone. greg said, i'm so out of here.

>> why are you looking at my boobs? that's a great question. the guest on tomorrow's show is going to answer the question. perfect.

>> all right, guys.

>> all right, let's get to