TODAY   |  April 07, 2014

Mickey Rooney dies at 93

Mickey Rooney, one of Hollywood’s iconic stars, has died at the age of 93. He was married eight times and had 11 children. TODAY features the highs and lows of his remarkable life and career.

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>>> now some sad news out of hollywood this morning. the legendary actor mickey rooney has died following a remarkable career in entertainment that spanned more than 80 years.

>> i'm going to write a show for us.

>> his career spanned a lifetime. a veteran of more than 300 films, mickey rooney loved to act, and he loved the limelight.

>> you never get tired of hearing applause.

>> for rooney , the accolades came early. born joseph yule jr., he began performing at just 7 months old. by the time he could walk, he was a star. his stage name became permanent, as did his place in hollywood history. a young rooney was box office gold.

>> i was the number one star of the world over such greats as the late king gabel and spencer tracy . i was playing in a pretty big ball game at 20, 21 years of age.

>> standing just 5'3", rooney said he felt like a man 6'6".

>> excuse me for running away, betsy.

>> it's all right.

>> his popular " andy hardy " series ran for almost 20 years.

>> get off as fast as you can and jump sure and clean.

>> in " national velvet " he co-starred with elizabeth taylor . rooney shined in what may have been his most memorable role. but he also had his critics. some called this performance in "breakfast at tiffany's" racist.

>> once again, i must protest!

>> through it all, rooney won golden globes , emmys, and later in life, an honorary academy award .

>> if anybody tells you that they aren't thrilled to be nominated for an academy award , you tell them that they're just full of baloney, because it's the greatest thrill that can come to a performer in our business.

>> he was what they used to call in show biz a triple threat . he could sing, he could dance, he could act. and do them all equally well.

>> married eight times with 11 children, rooney 's life wasn't picture-perfect. he made and also lost millions.

>> my name is mickey rooney .

>> he told congress in 2011 he had been a victim of elder abuse .

>> i've been abused, financially, medically. my wife and i have hungered for food at our house.

>> i want success so.

>> but the showman will always be remembered for his long body of work. a legacy that lives on today.

>> that is sad news. he was on this show many times. did some really memorable interviews. for the older among us, he was clearly an icon.

>> i was just thinking, he really crosses many, many generations. because of that longevity. 80-year career in hollywood .