TODAY   |  April 06, 2014

Two couples work together to overcome infertility

Two couples became more than just friends through their battle with infertility. “We’ll stick together for everything,” said Philip Palmisano, the father of a six-month-old baby. His twins were born thanks to a chance meeting with another couple. TODAY’s Kyle Michael Miller reports.

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>> we first introduced you to these two couples last year, brought together through their shared battle with infertility. kyle michael miller has the update.

>> i know i don't have a wife orchids, but this family and story is so touching. the friends you saw here met on facebook while undergoing in vitro fertilization. there were healthy twins two years ago. after four failed ivf cycles, andrea offered to carry their baby for them. in february the twins were born.

>> just couldn't believe it was really happening after so long. it was just amazing.

>> the day sandy and phillip hoped and prayed for finally arrived.

>> the doctor said it's time to have the babies, bring the buns out of the oven so to speak.

>> it seemed like it was never going to get here, when we were at the hospital, it was just so surreal. sandy stood next to andrea during the delivery.

>> it's a moment that -- really touching, you know.

>> doctors delivered six-pound grayson first.

>> not even a minute later, they were like -- stand up again, here she comes. she got to be right there when we heard them cry for the first time.

>> phillip and mark were in another room waiting to meet the babies.

>> just a really happy time .

>> he came up to me and was going to shake my hand. i was like, give me a hug.

>> as soon as i saw him, thumbs up, we did it.

>> mission accomplished?

>> accomplished.

>> one sunday morning --

>> did you get to have a moment where you realized, oh, my gosh, we're parents?

>> i think it was the first night and i was feeding emmalee. oh, my gosh, she's my daughter.

>> what are you doing there?

>> reporter: like any new parents, sandy and phillip aren't getting much sleep. that's after changing 22 diapers, using 40 wipes and filling up 16 bottles every day. they still see best friends mark and andrea a couple times a week.

>> now we have four miracles between all of us.

>> you can't give up. one way or another, you'll get there.

>> many years, many tears.

>> i love that. never give up. sandy encourages others going through infertility to post inspirational messages on facebook.

>> the whole gang is with us this morning. sandy and phillip , andrea and mark. good morning to you all.

>> good morning.

>> you all watched that story, you know that story well. but to see it and think about where you were and where you are now, describe it.

>> very overwhelming, just the journey was so difficult and to be on this side is just unexplainable, just the joy -- the joy that andrea and mark have been able to give us and to have our children, it's hard to put into words.

>> it's such a big decision all around obviously. andrea , for you, this was a little tough, too, actually getting there. what's it look for you when you look at these babies now that you helped bring into the world?

>> it's definitely different than with my own children. i love them so much. i would have loved them if i would have carried them or not. they're perfect, all four of them. we're just so excited and happy for sandy and phillip .

>> were you guys at all concerned about what the bond would be between you as couples after all was said and done?

>> we knew we would be lifelong friends no matter what the outcome was, but we're their god parents and we'll stick together through everything.

>> have you already started the planning now -- not next day obviously, but not too far along, maybe some babysitting coming up, getting tips from andrea about this stage?

>> she's been a great teacher of how to raise twins and care for them. it's been a huge help to me. i've had a great teacher.

>> 16 bottles a day is a lot of bottles.

>> i'm curious what do you think the relationship will be as they grow up together? will it be brother-sister relationship?

>> we hope so. we call them cousins now. we say, let's go see your cousins. we hope they'll grow up and be very close.

>> a gorgeous family. congratulations to you all. thanks for coming on and sharing your story and come back and let us know how you're doing.

>> the driving teenager thing, have