TODAY   |  April 05, 2014

Search teams race to find MH370 black boxes

It’s a race against time in the search for the flight recorders of the missing Malaysia Airlines jet. The recorders, or black boxes, are going to run out of battery soon. NBC’s Katy Tur reports.

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>>> now since malaysia air flight 370 went missing, and so far, there is not one trace of the plane. and with the plane's black boxes only expected to ping that locating pinger for 30 days , time is running out to find them. katy tur is in kuala lumpur with the update. katy , good morning.

>> reporter: hey, there, lester. it is saturday night here in kuala lumpur , and the malaysian transport minister just held a news update for the first time in a week. and we use the word update lightly, because there really isn't much to update out there. he reiterated that the search is ongoing, that it is difficult, and that it is unprecedented, and he also expressed confidence once again that the plane would be found and that they're searching the right area off the coast of australia in the southern indian ocean . today, for the second day, the pinger locators were used. they're two u.s. naval devices that are towed under water and can detect the chirp or the ping of a black box 20,000 feet below the surface. now, it's a critical weekend for them to get any answers, critical because monday will be a month. and after a month, the black box batteries are expected to run out, if they were functioning correctly to begin with. now, in some ways, it does really feel out here like it's now or never. as for the families, they say they're not giving up hope. they don't have any reason to give up hope because they have no concrete evidence that the plane even crashed. still, remaining positive is getting harder and harder as the days go by. those chinese families who were so fiery and angry in the beginning are now much more subdued and conciliatory, and many of them even say they are going to start going home now that this mystery looks like it just may never get solved. lester?

>> all right, katy tur for us this morning. thank you.