TODAY   |  April 04, 2014

Bake this decadent butterscotch pie

Novelist Jackie Collins, also author of “The Lucky Santangelo Cookbook,” shows Kathie Lee and Hoda how to make some of her incredibly delicious treats, like a butterscotch pie and a molten chocolate tart.

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>>> you know jackie collin is the best-selling author of steamy novels but now she's taking her talents into the kitchen.

>> multitalented. the lucky santangelo cookbook is inspired by her beloved character and full of recipes as delicious as her plot lines.

>> want to have a drink?

>> i have a little scene here. want a drink, only if you feel like making one of your famous bring brazilian drinks. if i do, what do i get in return? and that brings me to the pumpkin pie .

>> the pumpkin pie . of course.

>> that's what i was thinking.

>> i call this cookbook a decadent and delicious. not one of those healthy ones. put these ingredients, if you would like to help kathie lee , eggs and then we -- and then we add the water. and then we add the sugar.

>> the sugar.

>> light brown sugar .

>> it isn't coagulated.

>> well, these things happen. we're going to, like --

>> salt or --

>> that's a pinch of salt , yes.

>> okay.

>> a pinch of salt .

>> doesn't feel like salt.

>> then it is the baking soda .

>> you see?

>> i'm telling you. what about the butter?

>> put the butter in. all the butter goes in. when it is melted, this goes into that, which -- that's the milk.

>> mill.

>> we'll add the butter and the eggs and everything.

>> what about -- anything with this?

>> add that.

>> a pinch of it.

>> a pinch.

>> that's baking soda . that's flour. that's baking soda .

>> doesn't feel like it.

>> and that is --

>> i don't know what it is. i just dumped it all in.

>> how does hoda know what it feels like? that's funny.

>> and then -- dumping this in here.

>> yes. dump it.

>> let's say you did.

>> it is not melted enough.

>> it does smell good, though.

>> it smells good, huh? ? then wh .

>> then what happens here?

>> you dumb. into the pie dish.

>> beautiful.

>> yes. it looks like that. move on to the chocolate.

>> do i put this on here?

>> yeah.

>> okay.

>> why don't you do that? you're good at smoothing -- no, you're not.

>> you can't lift it up.

>> we have -- you do that one there.

>> that pie crust is beautiful.

>> well --

>> what with the chocolate?

>> the chocolate, you just add this to that. and it is really fantastic. it is just melted chocolate --

>> look what is happening here.

>> and sugar and milk and a little better and a pinch of baking soda in.

>> and what am i making?

>> decadent and delicious.

>> what am i --

>> now you're making sharp chocolate molten little pies.

>> is that good?

>> yes.

>> and then you kind of, you know, you --

>> this is what you were showing. you flip it --

>> can you flip it for me. no, no, no. put it down and tap it. yes.

>> you do it. you do it. you do it.

>> and --

>> i'm just going to eat it out of the -- okay.

>> oh, my gosh.

>> here's one done.

>> okay.

>> this is it.

>> you can find all these recipe on

>> and they're fattening, but they're great.

>> next week, greg kinnear and kristin chenoweth .