TODAY   |  April 04, 2014

Child-friendly fashion for the holidays

Lifestyle editor Amy Goodman of shares some of her favorite looks for kids this season, which children will also enjoy wearing throughout the year.

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>>> dressing your kids for day care and school are one thing, but having them dress up for holidays adds a whole new set of challenges.

>> we enlisted amy goodman , who also happens to be a mom to find dressup clothes that are friendly and affordable and comfortable for kids.

>> any special trends hitting the streets this easter.

>> what is amazing is so many of the runway trends are on the kids but at affordable prices. i'm a mom. i want everybody to be comfortable, including the hair on my face, and so that hopefully you're not finding this outfit for easter but you can wear it for spring and summer as well.

>> you brought real siblings. all the kids are siblings.

>> the floral trend was blooming on the runway this season. sammy is wearing the beautiful water poppies, big floral print.

>> and i wish you see the smile the baby has going. and the shoes are from old navy. then we have baby lilly wearing h&m. and the islet,eyioweyelet is classic for easter. this is done in a pattern. isn't that adorable?

>> i can't take it.

>> where's mama?

>> there she is. thanks to radio flyer for the wagon so we could bring her in and out for the segment.

>> thank you.

>> pull that way. thank you --

>> very good job.

>> next up, we have joss, maxim and soleil.

>> between the two of them, they're wearing chevron and it all works together. so at zulilly, we like brands like carters that everybody knows . so fr we have suspends which are so snazzy. soleil has beautiful accessories on her. i love her bracelet from rustic cuff. great for kids.

>> they're darling.

>> and everybody is very envious of her gladiator sandals, these are from umi sandals. because they offer so much coverage, it is actually a great transitional sandal.

>> they look adorable on children.

>> thanks, kids. thank you so much.

>> next up we have ashlynn and alana. these two little girls. come on out, come on out.

>> and their daddy dan.

>> bring her out.

>> the sheer layers, designers embrace it. it prize volume without the weight. they can twirl, spin, dance mom and dad too and so we have baby alana here and she has a piece by wendy bellisimo and has an ombre, light cream to peach. and i love the roset touches on the strap. and ashlynn and carter --

>> look at ashlynn .

>> supermodel in the making.

>> i like how she's posing.

>> already has the look.

>> she has the total look.

>> i love her carter's separate. the cool ballet skirt. she takes ballet so that's even better.

>> don't hate me because i'm beautiful.

>> we put some metallics wove noon n into the sweater and the shoes.

>>> now we have our nautical look, nicholas, maya and jack coming out. how adorable are these guys?

>> i could not -- she's remembering her order. i could not escape the anchors, the ships, the sails on everything from every brand i pulled. maya in the middle is wearing a number by h&m that sells for $9.95. the tallest, nicholas, go for fun caps, upturned collars and sweaters you can play with. i put all the kids -- he's wearing kenneth cole , he's wearing land's end, all slip-on. you think about the dock and the nautical theme. and we have land's end here, on jack.

>> all right.

>> thank you, kids. you were great.

>> lastly we have pastels, piper, john and mare.

>> these tweens came to their fitting wearing black. i said how do i get them in the hottest color trend for the spring season , which is pastels. you offer a different twist. on --

>> oh, wow.

>> so mare is wearing the green overlay lace, which is so fresh. this is by cherokee. also, piper is wearing cherokee. the different twist here is the leopard print with the sequins cinched with a neon belt. last but not least, john in the middle, he's very accomplished ballet dancer , i wanted to give him clothes he could move in. those are from gap kids and the bow tie .

>> come on out, everybody.

>> i like the mob scene.

>> thank you so much.