TODAY   |  April 04, 2014

Actor Tony Hale on ‘Veep’ role: ‘I’m a body man’

The actor whose roles include Buster on “Arrrested Development” joins TODAY to chat about the political satire series “Veep,” in which he plays the vice president’s neurotic and devoted personal aide. His character “has no identity,” he says.

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>>> tony hale may be best known for playing the socially awkward and neurotic buster on the beloved tv series " arrested development ."

>> lately, he's been playing a perhaps overly devoted vice president aide.

>> he plays gary who is always on call for julia louis drefus.

>> all things, believes all things, and love never ends.

>> well done there. great to have you here. we're big fans of yours.

>> thanks a lot.

>> let's talk about your character gary . very neurotic.

>> very.

>> super personal and too overpersonal.

>> yes. he has no identity. the job i have i'm the bag man, a body man, i carry around a bag. he has whatever she needs. and typically people do this in their 20s for a couple years and they burn out and go on to do other stuff. because your life, you have no social life , you never see your family. gary has extended into his 40s, that's all he knows. no identity outside of her. he worships the ground she walks on.

>> selina myers is a handful. no getting around it. i do get the sense, though, she likes having you on her hip. even though you are a little creepy, she would be lost without your character.

>> i like to thank that. gary likes to think that. in gary 's world, they're going to be married one day. she probably doesn't even know his last name. but in my world, she loves me.

>> and great chemistry on the show. i've heard that you laugh through takes and barely make it through some days.

>> it's incredibly unprofessional. i have to go back to acting school . she just does the littlest thing and i can't -- i'll look in my bag, i'll turn my back to camera. it's pathetic.

>> from one neurotic character to another, buster bleuth on " arrested development ."

>> my career.

>> you have an identity.

>> i'm good at it.

>> stick with it. you're good at it.

>> dysfunction, great.

>> we love it. we love it. we need more of that. but, your character -- obviously you guys are back for arrested development on netflix now the whole cast. how long are you going to keep going with that.

>> i think it's one of the things, the stories he comes up with are so unique. we would all just jump at the opportunity to do his writing. i remember the day he came up to me and, by the way, your hand is going to be gone and you'll be dating liza minnelli .

>> okay.

>> that's the brilliance of it.

>> i would argue your relationship with selina on "veep" is not unlike your relationship with lucille and that maybe you think you're going to marry lucille one day, as well, and she's your mother.

>> of course. of course. spot on.

>> i love that both of them -- both of their names were lucille . my girlfriend liza minnelli 's name was lucille and my mother's name was lucille . and there was a joke, when i'm in the ocean and the seal's about to bite my hand off and i go, there's a loose seal! there's a loose seal!

>> and by the way, you've got a guest starring appearance on nbc's "about a boy." how does that come about?

>> i play. they were kind enough to act me to play a kid's biological father. and i raise penguins.

>> seals and penguins.

>> and you carry a weird bag.

>> and i wear a really awkward hat right there.

>> tony hale , you are great.