TODAY   |  April 04, 2014

Chile earthquake: Week’s most memorable images

Ricky Camilleri of HuffPost Live joins TODAY to talk about some of the most striking photos of the week, including one from earthquake that struck Chile this week.

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>>> tell a story better than any word.

>> this morning, we're taking a look at some of the most powerful images of this week.

>> and here with the ones that caught our eye is rickey.

>> how are you?

>> we're starting off our first topic with the tragic shooting in ft. hood. the disturbing images.

>> it's lucy hamlin leaning on her husband's foot as they wait to be let back into the base. her husband is timothy hamlin. it's absolutely tragic. this is the second shooting there in less than five years, and the first one was the largest attack on a domestic military base . you can imagine so many other people waiting. it's not just a base of military members, it's their families, as well, that live there. so many people affected.

>> really an entire city when you look at the size of ft. hood.

>> yeah.

>> there's another photograph on the cover of "new york times" this morning, as well. some guys painting a memorial for the fallen.

>> bob butler and bob gordon of the city that ft. hood is located in, and they're painting crosses for a memorial outside of their church. the community is as they should and would rallying behind the base. and yesterday, all physical training was canceled at ft. hood. but i think people are rallying together.

>> all right. let's move on to another big news story this week and that was the devastating earthquake in chile which killed at least six people. and this photo shows some of that powerful destruction and what mother nature can do.

>> yeah. it's a huge crack in the ground .

>> yeah.

>> these are travelers just one day after walking. it's important to note that it is tragic that six people perished in this earthquake, but just in 2010 , there was an 8.8 magnitude earthquake and hundreds of people died. experts are saying that stricter building codes and proper preparation really led to a lot of the safe situations that happened this time around.

>> all right. let's move on to a little bit lighter fair. opening day baseball this week.

>> did you know that a human could do this?

>> no idea.

>> jason heyward .

>> making sure they did not get the tieing run. 1 - 0 , unfortunately, my team, the red sox did not win that day. but they did win two days after.

>> hasn't won a world series in, what, three months.

>> we're going to win this year, too. that's how it goes, willie.

>> let's not do this. i'm a yankee fan.

>> something that will bring us together. i keep saying, is this one real? this tiny octopus?

>> this is an octopus in an aquarium in sarasota, florida. it's the size of an eraser, about 1/4 inch. it's unbelievable. it'll grow to be the size of a silver dollar at most. it's fascinating, but i don't know what i would think if i saw that in an aquarium. i would think it's small -- i wouldn't -- can we move on? i don't know.

>> big deal .

>> all right. moving on to another great photo of, i think, incredible nature scene here. a little girl with butterflies on her face.

>> yeah, this is from the sensational butterflies exhibit in london, england. 5-year-old isla who got to meet some butterflies. they sat on her face, looks like. this exhibit in london is amazing. explores every stage the butterfly goes through. and as you get to the end of the exhibit, you get to go outside and chill with butterflies, which sounds amazing to me.

>> her face is priceless.

>> i can't think of a more zen experience.

>> that is a really cool shot. i love this one because it's that time of the year. we've got cherry blossoms . these are the beautiful ones in tokyo.

>> yeah, these are absolutely beautiful. and the couple taking the photo. i imagine we'll be taking photos in front of them. and we don't have to wait too long. pretty soon within the next weekend or following weekend, we're going to see cherry blossoms in washington, d.c. it's pretty exciting. this is an absolutely gorgeous photo.

>> book a trip to d.c. right now.

>> get ready for the cherry