TODAY   |  April 04, 2014

Johnny Depp: Engagement ‘not a shotgun affair’

The actor sits down with TODAY's Savannah Guthrie and confirms his engagement to actress Amber Heard, insisting that she’s not pregnant. He also chats about his new sci-fi movie, “Transcendence.”

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>>> well, now we want to move to our revealing conversation with johnny depp . he's known for being shy. but we found him anything but opening up about his engagement and his new movie "transcendence."

>> explores the very real possibility of uploading the human brain into a super computer .

>> i call it transcendence.

>> artificial intelligence is so advanced, the line between man and machine is blurred. the character, a far cry , from the depp we know and love.

>> thinking in a way this role is a little bit of a departure for you because there's no costumes or make-up or outlandishness about it. did it feel good to kind of be in your skin?

>> it did. it did in a way. when the script to play, yeah, just a very super straight part. and i go from this sort of normal scientist to basically having the world at my fingertips, you know, through living inside of a computer.

>> evil genius.

>> that's it exactly because the technology is not that far away .

>> what do you feel about technology? are you somebody always on their iphone or blackberry?

>> i think we're all slaves to them to some degree.

>> are you consumed by it?

>> i'm not technologically, i'm complete and utter oaf.

>> are you the one with the vcr flashing 12:00 all the time?

>> absolutely. a grown man attempting to send an important message with the thumbs, you know. it's truly given meaning to the expression i'm all thumbs.

>> it does seem there's a shyness about you or discomfort with fame.

>> yeah.

>> do you feel at this point you've made peace with fame?

>> no. it's more like a little bit like living like a fugitive. everything has to be some sort of strategy, you know, to get you into the hotel, to get you out of the hotel, to get you into the restaurant out of the restaurant.

>> if you could do the exact same job without the fame, would you take that deal?

>> yeah. yeah. easily. i'm honored that there's a group of people out there who followed my films and will never ever not be there for those people because those people that buy the tickets are the people who i consider my boss.

>> depp dropped hints about those rumors that he was engaged to his 27-year-old girlfriend but never confirmed it until now.

>> forgive me, i did notice something on your hand, the other one.

>> i have many things on my hands.

>> okay. is that an engagement ring ?

>> that's a chick's ring.

>> does that mean you're engaged?

>> it means i'm wearing a chick's ring.

>> don't make me go all "meet the press" on you.

>> well, wearing a chick's engagement ring on my finger being a fella, as far as you know --

>> yes.

>> i might be a woman. who knows. i might be.

>> that's a question i forgot to ask.

>> oh, please ask that. what would you consider it?

>> i think you look engaged. congratulations.

>> thank you.

>> are you excited?

>> yeah. she's a wonderful girl. she's sharp as a tack, wonderful, southern belle and sweet as can be and good for me.

>> i feel a little guilty for asking this, but there's a story out there today that you guys are expecting. do you have --

>> expecting what?

>> a baby.

>> a child?

>> yes.

>> good god, what do you think i am, a savage?

>> no truth to it?

>> nope, no. no. it's not a shotgun affair.

>> not that there'd be anything wrong with that.

>> well --

>> i read that you didn't think you'd be much of a wedding planner. so i just wanted to do you a great favor. this is my wedding planning book. you can see i was very organized.

>> yeah. all right.

>> you know, just some notes here.

>> wow. cake, question mark .

>> invite or paperless?

>> maybe an e-vite. anyway, it's yours.

>> okay.

>> johnny, you're welcome.

>> i'm going to borrow this. i'll get it back to you.

>> and "transcendence" opens april 18th .