TODAY   |  April 04, 2014

Dropped cell phone lands teen in sewer

A teen dropped her cell phone down a sewer in England, and got stuck after she went to retrieve it. She was then rescued by firefighters. Spoiler: Her phone was broken.

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>> let's say you're out walking in the street and you accidentally drop your phone down a drainpipe. go along with this. what would you do? would you go in after it? if your answer is yes, think about these next pictures first. this is a teenager. her name is ella and she dropped her phone down a drain in england. what does she do? well, she goes right after it. look at her. definitely not a smart move proven by the fact that she gets stuck and has to be rescued by firefighters. how embarrassing. fortunately she's unscathed, but her phone is broken, obviously. how far would you guys go?

>> same thing happened to me, i did not go for the phone.

>> you're saying you dropped it down a drainpipe. it's a sewer, all right? that phone is gone.

>> if that's the case, we know your answer.

>> would you dig in a toilet to grab a phone?

>> i have. i have.

>> other than the phone in the toilet?

>> no.

>> in a public toilet ?

>> no!

>> in your back pocket and it falls out.

>> and the dry rice does work.

>> it does.

>> oh, right. yeah.

>> you put it --