TODAY   |  April 04, 2014

Desperate search for black boxes in Flight 370

Time grows short in the search for the black boxes of Flight 370. The clock is ticking because the batteries will soon run out. NBC’s Katy Tur reports.

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>>> the desperate hunt is still on for the black box in malaysia airlines flight 370. the clock is ticking because the batteries will soon run out. katy tur, good morning.

>> reporter: hey there, natalie. here's where things stand right now. it is friday night in kuala lumpur . and the search is ongoing. today as they've done every day, they slightly tweaked the search zone as they've been doing every day. still, generally, though, off the coast of perth, australia. today, they were able to deploy the pingers we've been talking about. the pingers able to detect the black boxes underwater. also getting ready to scan the ocean floor . but time is really of the essence. monday marks 30 days in. and as you know, the black boxes , the batteries run out after 30 days . which means after monday, this search could change quite a bit to more of a radar and sonar scanning of the ocean floor , which would be a massive undertaking. but natalie, it is how they found air france .

>> all right, katy tur, thank