TODAY   |  April 04, 2014

Who will take over the ‘Late Show’ throne?

After David Letterman announced his retirement on Thursday, social media is buzzing with speculation over who will take over for the comedian. Tamron Hall reports from the Orange Room.

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>> here. social media on fire with people giving their picks. i won't put you on the spot, yet. but we'll give a list of what folks had to say today. as i mentioned, lots of tweets coming in. the president's account, running like dave letterman does down the street. this is the president's account. and there are more than 10 reasons, #davidletterman will be missed. it's not directly from the president, but it's from his account. jimmy kimmel , one of the challengers to the throne says david letterman is the best there is and ever was. i love this albert brooks , david letterman announcing he will retire next year, cbs frantically looking for someone named jimmy. love that. here's some of the leading names. bill carter from the "new york times" says stephen colbert or neil patrick harris . so we put together faces here, guys. kind of a top ten list. craig ferguson , chris rock , ellen degeneres , chelsea handler , lewis c.k., john stewart and jay leno . let us know, we'll let you know some of the results. putting you on the spot. mr. lauer, who do you think?

>> i'm not going there. no.

>> i'll go there.

>> i think neil patrick harris -- he'd be great.

>> ellen degeneres . i like that one.

>> dylan, i think it's ellen or chelsea. time for a female on the network. is.

>> tina fey , amy poehler .

>> can we let dave have his next couple of months?