TODAY   |  April 04, 2014

Tornadoes sweep across Midwest, hail causes damage

Powerful storms producing dangerous tornadoes and baseball-sized hail slammed parts of the Midwest and South. This morning, the threat is heading east. TODAY's Dylan Dreyer tracks the weather; NBC’s Kerry Sanders reports.

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>>> we'll get ready for our top story now, though. and it is the severe storms on the move after causing damage and injuries from texas to indiana. let's get to kerry sanders in memphis, tennessee, this morning. good morning to you.

>> well, good morning, savannah. under cover of darkness in the early morning hours, fortunately, no serious damage or no reports of injuries here at all. but in other parts of the country, not so lucky. in hunt county , texas , the sheriff reports a suspected tornado targeted a mobile home , flattened a farmhouse injuring four people taken to the hospital. meantime, there are indications that not only where there's tornadoes there and in other places. but fortunately this morning, there are no reports of any lives lost.

>> reporter: from texas to the midwest, a miserable night as more than half dozen suspected tornadoes touch down. at the university of north texas in denton, students hunker down in hallways. earlier thursday, baseball-sized hail and wicked winds smashed cars also damaged, a dormitory. friends offered to help a class mate, but she said for her car, it was too little, too late. amazing pictures for the minor league baseball team. the came was called as baseball fans ran for shelter. warning signs in st. louis, lightning at the arch. an ef-1 tornado with 110-mile-per-hour winds left thousands without power.

>> we heard our daughter screaming, get in the basement! we jumped out of bed and as we were getting out of the room, the front windows, the glass started flying.

>> that's a big one.

>> in franklin county , missouri, anxious moments as a flash flood trapped one man in his truck. in nearby aston, brittany was holed up in a safe room for hours. she tweeted, got to go to the basement because there's a tornado, but first, let me take a selfie. 30 miles away ross buch rode out the threat in his bathroom.

>> a big storm like this moves through.

>> reporter: missouri governor 's twitter page, an incredible picture snapped in osage county . an ominous warning of the looming threat. the driver was able to turn around and get out of there safely. savannah?

>> kerry sanders , thank you. let's check in dylan dreyer.

>> we are going to see another round of severe storms later on today. but it's not going to be as severe as it was yesterday. these storms are sliding east, but take a look at the radar. yesterday, here we start at 1:00 p.m . and watch how these storms -- sorry about that. watch at how these storms did fire up. and they started to spread to the east and then they produced a lot of hail and a lot of wind damage. we have reports of eight tornadoes. we have not yet confirmed all eight of those. but wind report, 92 of those and hail reports, 159 with that baseball-sized hail in parts of texas . you can see the red here right through birmingham, alabama. that is still our tornado watch until later on this morning. and the yellow boxes indicate where we have a severe thunderstorm watch . so this line of thunderstorms can still produce that severe weather today. with the hail and damaging wind gusts which certainly causes a lot of damage. as for tornadoes, a fewer tornadoes today, but we are looking at the possibility from mississippi up into southern ohio . it is certainly going to be a little bit active again today, but it shouldn't be as bad as it