TODAY   |  April 03, 2014

What’s the difference between curtains and drapes?

HGTV magazine’s Sara Peterson joins TODAY to help us figure out the difference between some commonly confused household items: concrete and cement, for example.

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>>> there are a lot of household items that seem to be the same thing but they're not.

>> that's right. here to clear up the confusion is sarah peterson, editor in chief of "hgtv" magazine. good morning.

>> good morning.

>> you ready to play along?

>> sure.

>> we may confuse the name so you're going to set us straight.

>> we said in the magazine, what's the difference between a lot of confusing things?

>> we'll see if christian knows his way around the house?

>> you know how to clean now.

>> we got cards and we just go.

>> one's a kcollander, one's a strainer.

>> one is an l.e.d. light bulb.

>> one is a curtain, one is a day.

>> natalie really knows her home stuff.

>> no, i don't. i'm trying.

>> you can put them on the window sill .

>> and i'm just going to for the sake of being --

>> concrete. and cement.

>> oh, my god, as a man i should know this and i don't.

>> vinyl flooring and linoleum.

>> of course, sure. there you go.

>> how'd redo? let's review.

>> lead on!

>> good answers. collander. depends on what you want to reach for.

>> bigger thing is collander. larger holes, has feet, can sit on countertop. strainer has a handle, smaller mesh, say you're juicing a lemon and want smaller things like rice or whole grains.

>> okay. down to the light bulb .

>> the light bulb aisle is overwhelming. there's the cfl bulb and fluorescent bulb .

>> i got it wrong. you got it right.

>> that's right, you didn't.

>> i cheated on this one and i looked. oh, my gosh.

>> sfls, they look like ice cream cones on top. that's your modern day fluorescent light . but these last longer. l.e.d.s, they last longer, 13 to 22 years.

>> you pay a bit more but they're worth it?

>> right.

>> drapes or curtains?

>> 63 inches or less.

>> i got it wrong.

>> did i get it right? oh, my goodness.

>> drapes, they drape to the floor. 120 inches.

>> cement. a powdery substance, an ingredient used to make concrete.

>> of course.

>> and vinyl flooring. this one's wrong. this is linoleum. this is vinyl.

>> i'm so glad i didn't know this one.

>> now we know. back in a moment. this is "today"