TODAY   |  April 03, 2014

Ask Lou: How to make a sink stop gurgling

Lou Manfredini, home repair expert and host of “House Smarts,” offers advice to people who want to redo a pool deck and explains how to clear away blockage in your drain.

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>>> get out that toolbox, time to fix all the pesky problems around the house when we ask lou .

>> "today" contributor and host of the syndicated show "house smarts," lou manfredini, we adore him. he has all the answers to the house repair questions that you submitted. how are you, lou ?

>> i'm well.

>> from jerry cox, he says we're considering the following choices for redoing our concrete pool deck, which has some thin cracks in it. paint the pool deck with acrylic paint , pavers on sand on top of the present deck, whatever that means, layer of thin concrete and paint it.

>> okay.

>> what should --

>> are you with me?

>> what should jerry do?

>> i'm with you.

>> these are pavers, cambridge pavers, these are segmental pavers that go over top of what they have. you set it in sand, a bag of sand down below and now you create this very new surface that will look beautiful. what i love about the segmental paving is something cracks or moves, pick it up, reset it, put it back down. it is great. this is a product called deck right, an exterior vinyl floor. you can use it on balconies, you can use it over decks, you can use it over concrete. and it is beautiful.

>> what is the life span of it?

>> it is a good ten years. and it depends where you live. or on concrete surfaces this product called restore, i have behind here, this is a mock-up of what your concrete looks like with the crack. this is a very textured two coat surface called restore 10x, goes over concrete, nonslip, it is beautiful.

>> this is slippery and this isn't.

>> it is beautiful.

>> how many colors does it come in?

>> it can be tinted so probably a dozen colors. you roll it on.

>> textured like that?

>> you roll it on. with a roller. so you use the textured roller, two coats, works really great.

>> amazing.

>> next up, pamela sends thus question. i have cathedral ceilings in my kitchen and living room. let's go down here. with three eyeball lights. i would like to convert the light over the kitchen at the sink to a pendant light . is there a way to doing this simply without having an electrician come out?

>> you see the can light that is up there, you take the trim off of it. you take the lightbulb off of it.

>> so far you don't need an electrician.

>> you'll buy a product called a worth screw in pendant light . screw it into the new can light, there is your pendant.

>> oh --

>> what?

>> that's it. look how beautiful it is. comes in all different kinds. they cost $69 to $85 depending on the choice, it will work on a slope ceiling, you can lengthen it, go up and down, doesn't matter, works great.

>> electricians are not happy about that.

>> this is from rehan austin. what she wants to know is this. after water drains in the kitchen sink , it gurgles. my mom has this.

>> here we go.

>> 15 to 30 seconds. is there a clog. it doesn't drain slowly, though?

>> this is called insta flow made in texas. you want to wear gloves. when the drains are slow, the gunk and goop and everything in there, you activate this stuff with hot water . now, i'm not wearing goggles or gloves, just for sake of --

>> you should.

>> but you should. this is boiling water . pour this in the drain and activate it. look at that. now you spin it. don't breathe that just yet.

>> is it okay for the environment?

>> it is fine. it is completely safe. now, there is the hair.

>> i love this stuff.

>> does it doesn't grate it?

>> yes.

>> oh, my gosh.