TODAY   |  April 03, 2014

‘Mmm!’ Christian Slater taste-tests beet yogurt

Nutritionist Joy Bauer joins TODAY in Thursday’s installment of “What’s Hot in Health” to talk about the latest trends in fitness, food and nutrition. Actor Christian Slater tastes some beet yogurt, and approves.

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>>> so if you want to shake up your exercise routine, get a better night's sleep or you're trying to cut the sugar in your kid's diet, here are some great products to check out.

>> here is registered dietician joy bauer.

>> your job is going to be to eat your way through this entire segment.

>> christian and i confess we are junk food junkies.

>> companies are now sneaking vegetables into items that are typically fruit dominated. this is ruby's rockets. you're going to try a spinach ice pop .

>> no, come on.

>> you're going to try a carrot and sweet potato .

>> i got to see this.

>> they're a little hard.

>> okay.

>> they're not bad!

>> we're going to get you a little yogurt then.

>> we need something a little softer for daddy.

>> blue hill yogurt, they're the first of its kind to come up with a really clean, impressive yogurt that has beet, tomato.

>> mmmm.

>> it is good.

>> how about this? these are chocolate muffins that are gluten free , nut free.

>> and there's sweet potato in there.

>> and these go bars come in flavors like snicker doodles and chocolate brownies . guess what's in there? we have kale --

>> you have to be careful with bars. a lot of them have sugar.

>> i give this one two thumbs up.

>> actor down.

>> next we're going to hit the functional tea category. teas are all the rage right now. but some have a purpose. first, republic of tea came ut with high caffeinated teas. they're acknowledging that some people are really tired in the morning but don't like coffee. so they inject extra caffeine into these babies. however, these teas are the opposite. if you have lavender and chamomille, they help you sleep at night.

>> if you have tummy problems, we have teas called smooth move and eater's digest. thee can help you go to the bathroom or help an upset stomach.

>> and also these have anti-oxidants that are in berries and they help to lower your blood pressure.

>> you heard about coconut sugar?

>> no, i haven't.

>> it has the same calories as regular sugar so you have to go easy but it has a nice flavor and it's from the coconut trees . it taste as little bit like brown shaugar with a touch of carmel.

>> mmm.

>> you could sell anything.

>> and this is mung fruit. first company, nektor natural, they took wet, moist honey. they dried it out. it crystals and you can get a pact for about 50 calories.

>> we have different peanut butters.

>> this is the new fitness craze. it's called sand belt. you grab them, you grip. it's not only working your muscles but also your fingers, your hands. you take one and christian is going to take one. you can do all sorts of things like presses. but i want you to have a little fun with a game of catch. you guys face each other. you're going to throw it up and you're going to throw it under and see