TODAY   |  April 03, 2014

Common cleaning myths debunked

As part of the “TODAY’s Healthy Home” series, Brit Morin, founder and CEO of Brit + Co., gives TODAY some helpful cleaning tips, such as using nail polish to keep threads on your buttons tight.

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>> if you plan on starting your spring cleaning this weekend, you may use some tricks you've heard of over the years.

>> but some of those old wives tails are not true at all.

>> here to bust some of those myths is britt. good morning.

>> good morning!

>> we're going to play a little game here. the point is all these are natural remedies . they're stuff that might already be around your house or that you don't want to use chemically infused products to clean with. fact or myth. you can clean hard water stains with lemon?

>> fact.

>> fact. you can clean off metal --

>> you love to clean ? are you a germophobe type person?

>> not really.

>> they're good in your bathroom.

>> this is a popular one. you can unclog your drain with soda.

>> no, i don't believe that.

>> pour it down the drain and the acid will pour it down the drain.

>> correct, that's a myth. people clean their toilet bowl with soda. however, baking soda and vinegar is a great chemical reactor .

>> you're learning so much tonight.

>> can you clean your wood floors with vinegar?

>> i wouldn't.

>> i don't think so. i it would strip the enamel.

>> it's a very strong substance.

>> if it's mixed with a lot of water, it's okay but it could dull your floors. use a ph neutral so and clean your floors naturally like that. this is one i use all the time. you can use clear nail polish to keep your threads tight on your buttons. what do you think?

>> i think true because you say you do it all the time.

>> i don't know.

>> that's a sneaky one.

>> it is true. so you just put your nail polish right on and it will actually keep your buttons and your threads a little bit tighter together and keep your buttons on.

>> sure, i like that. i never thought of that.

>> your jewelry gets tangled, especially when you're traveling.

>> oh, tell me about it.

>> so can you use baby oil to untangle your jewelry. do you have this problem?

>> i'm always getting snagged on things, runs in my stockings.

>> do you use baby oil ?

>> i use baby oil a lot.

>> if you put it on your jewelry, it will actually loosen up.

>> can you tell your wife about this.

>> it is true. it will untangle your jewelry really, really well.

>> you have this oily substance all over you.

>> pet hair. use a squeegee.

>> we have a dog and a cat.

>> you want to see if it works?

>> squeegee the carpet.

>> see, it's coming right up. it's really good for under sofas and places your vacuum can't necessarily reach.

>> i love my pets but this is --

>> it's common place in my house, pet and kid dirt.

>> and to prevent ant invasions do you use dryer sheets, powdered sugar and baking soda or --

>> i would stay away from the sugar.

>> unless you're drawing themin.

>> oh, a trap.

>> i'm thinking the dryer sheet is a myth.

>> i don't know. you tell us.

>> it is the dryer sheet . the powdered sugar draws them in. baby powder will also work, too, because ants breathe through their skin.

>> cleaning windows with newspaper.

>> i know this one, true. it's good. i've done it.

>> true. i'm sticking with you, partner.

>> it's half true. you can really just use a paper towel .

>> sometimes they say a paper towel leaves around a lot of lint.

>> and if you can't afford curtains, you can tape that to your window. i've done that.