TODAY   |  April 03, 2014

Christian Slater: ‘Heathers’ musical is ‘adorable’

Christian Slater tells TODAY that while it was “weird” seeing the off-Broadway production of “Heathers,” a musical based on an iconic film he starred in, he called it “adorable” and said, “I enjoyed it.”

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>> you've grown up a lot since "heather."

>> i just saw the musical last night.

>> how was it?

>> i enjoyed it. it's weird to see that show, a musical version . but it was adorable. the director did a great job. the cast was funny. what was weird was seeing another guy up there in the black jacket playing that part. there were parts of me that wanted to run up on the stage.

>> that would have been excite persian gulf .

>> right, go out there and go -- oh, there we go. there's the little clip.

>> you're so young here. look at this.

>> look at that hair!

>> i'll send that clip to the director, who said i was too old, too young. yes, no, it was funny. i had some funny lines.

>> did the actors know you were there?

>> no, they didn't. i snuck in and then showed up at the end.

>> that would make anyone nervous to know that christian slater is there watching you.

>> i thought i would just come in under the radar. it worked out great. i went up afterwards and met everybody. my wife tweeted a photo of that. i don't