TODAY   |  April 03, 2014

Cap’n Crunch is staring at your kid for a reason

A new study says that cartoon characters on cereal boxes often are rendered as looking down at where your kids would be standing in the supermarket aisle, a marketing strategy aimed at children.  

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>> next time you're out with your kids at the supermarket, you might want to skip the cereal aisle all together. a new study as to why the box icons look the way they do. here's the captain crunch . anyway, this is one example, not that he's bright and colorful, which he is, but look at his eyes. he's looking down directly at your kids.

>> he's following me.

>> apparently most characters on boxes of the cereal are looking down because they'll be looking down to where your kid are standing because according to research, brand loyalty is about eye contact .

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