TODAY   |  April 03, 2014

Doctor: Some Ft. Hood victims in ‘serious condition’

Dr. Matthew Davis, trauma doctor at Scott and White Memorial Hospital in Texas, joins TODAY to discuss how the Fort Hood shooting victims being treated there are doing. Three of the victims are still listed as critical, while the other six are in “serious condition,” he said.

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>> dr. matthew david is the trauma director at the hospital. good morning to you.

>> good morning, matt.

>> reporter: there were 16 people wounded in the sohooting, i think nine of them were brought to your hospital.

>> that's correct. we have nine here. three were critical. we have the other six who are in serious condition. i expect by this morning we'll be able to upgrade them to a fair condition. they're doing fairly well.

>> weapon used was a semiautomatic .45 caliber handgun. can you describe the wounds you're dealing with?

>> this is obviously a high velocity weapon and can inflict a fairly large amount of damage on patients. we saw what evident last night. some patients were fairly lucky in that they were superficial, involving a memory or grazing injury, others suspend shrapnel injuries and then we had some very serious injuries to the neck, chest and abdomen.

>> i believe you even treated some of the victims of the shooting back in 2009 . again, the shooter is a member of the military. as a doctor, how do you even begin to get your arms around this situation?

>> you know, it's difficult for us to understand why something like this would happen. obviously our heart breaks for our friends over at fort hood . we have close ties with them. we work with them closely and the community as well in a health care setting. it's really difficult to understand why these acts of madness occur. clearly we think highly of fort hood . there's tens of thousands that rotate through there and there are tens of thousands who call that home, so i don't think this is an indictment of fort hood himself based on the acts of madness of two individuals. but it's concerning, especially to those of us close to the military and their families.

>> we wish you well. thank you for your time this morning.

>> thank you.