TODAY   |  April 02, 2014

Mary Higgins Clark pens 45th novel (by hand)

Author Mary Higgins Clark has written her 45th book, “I’ve Got You Under My Skin,” a suspense novel set in New York City. She wrote the book by hand, and says her ideas come from real crime stories she reads in the New York papers.

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>>> imagine spending your whole life living in fear the man that killed your husband would be back for you and your child.

>>> that's a taste of what's to come in the latest thriller by best selling author, of "i've got you under my skin."

>> good morning mary. is this your 33rd?

>> 34th total.

>> 33rd thriller?

>> five with the memoir and other things.

>> did the ideas keep coming by the way?

>> fortunately.

>> you like to write about the city called manhattan very much. you always have our favorite restaurant in it.

>> jimmy is part of the book. there's always at least a two page scene there.

>> this one is shorter. i did read this book. it is fun. he got the short in this one. you'll make it up in the next one.

>> he's in. the waitress is in. a plot point is in.

>> there you go. where do ideas come from? you're such a nice human being . how do you come up with these plots?

>> i read a lot of crimes.

>> real life ones.

>> real life crimes. i've gotten several from the post, page three. just the dna of it chl. not about those people.

>> dna has change everything in a sense. so many crimes are solved that would otherwise be a mystery.

>> i've never had a series except in the series kaicarol and i do together.

>> i see. every time we turn around you have another book. how quick do you write these? you write quickly don't you?

>> my contract has been to do one a year for years. the minute i get this out of my soul --

>> you start the next?

>> michael says let's have lunch and talk plot.

>> do you write them long hand or on the computer?

>> this year i had shingles and my hand was weak. i wrote them long hand.

>> wow.

>> that's a little harder than it used to be.

>> no kidding.

>> she keeps turning them out. this is so much fun. hate to say this, i had my shingles vaccine yesterday. over 60, you have to get it apparently.

>> i had it two years ago.

>> that's not good news.

>> mary, thank you.

>> it was only about 65% of people with the shot don't get shingles.

>> good luck with that kathie.