TODAY   |  April 02, 2014

Home tips 101: Sewing buttons, folding sheets, more

Denise Wild from, Real Simple’s Stephanie Sisco and Sur La Table’s Joel Gamoran demonstrate easy ways to handle household tasks such as sewing a button, folding and ironing sheets, and measuring flour, eggs and pasta.

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>>> all right. home economics macy bring memories of high school . if it's been that long, you're about to get a refresher course.

>> we asked where you needed to brush up on skills? we found it for you.

>> stephanie is real simple negotiate.

>> so these are basic things we might need a refresher course on. shall we get started?

>> absolutely. i'm going to show techniques to mend your garments. first place to start threading the needle. it seems simple but is sometimes challenging. the troiick is to cut.

>> without my glasses it doesn't matter. i've sewed all my life, have sewn all my life.

>> cut the thread at an angle. lick the thread. put it through the eye of the needle .

>> it's unsanitary.

>> there are also tools you can use, basic supplies at sewing supply store to help you thread it threw.

>> buy glasses before you try.

>> understand you have the needle threaded -- you want to replace a button. the key is coat your thread in bees wax . look for a gadget like this. take your thread, run it through.

>> what does that do?

>> puts bees wax on your thread more stability so your button won't fall off. you can use a candle at home if you don't have this.

>> or lip gloss. just kidding.

>> next you cut off tags on your shirt and accidentally cut the fabric. you have a hole in your shirt. this is called interfacing. one side has a dried glue. put that on the wrong side of your shirt. the iron activates it it stays in place. then you can do a zigzag switch to keep it in. next is hemming pants. keep the distressed hem on you're jeans. flip your hem up. you've got the fold. sew around the inside.

>> then pull it back down. once you've flown, you have that original hem.

>> so good. i wasn't for this segment, but now i am.

>> this is something everyone has been asking about. how do you fold a fitting sheet? it's not easy. the lady at people's magazine asked me. i said i don't know.

>> it's about the corners. fold your sheet horizontally. put my finger in, stick it in the bottom. make a pocket. do that with both corners. if you have the gathered edges, tuck those under. make a square like a sheet. bring this side up to other corners.

>> wow.

>> what are you talking about? fitted sheets look like wads in your closet.

>> my father was in the navy. he taught me to do sheets.

>> that's awesome.

>> very well done. let's do the pink one now.

>> now for towels, save up to 30% of your drawer space by rolling towels like t-shirts.

>> also when you pack your clothes.

>> as we're rolling we have to scoot down. thank you so much.

>> all right chef.

>> we are learning to measure things correctly and follow recipes right. first thing, people don't know how much pasta to make for how many people. we have this intention you open it upper person. you stick it in there.

>> one of those is a real pig.

>> what i do, it's good.

>> so rice. a lot of people get nervous about how much rice to do, cooked before or not. if it says cooked before the rice, cook it then measure it. if it doesn't, measure rice or pasta, anything dry, just raw like that with a cup. okay? so if you have an egg and want to split in half. you first crack it. how do you split in half if