TODAY   |  April 02, 2014

Hoda: Secrecy is the point of ‘Mile High Club’

Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb discuss a Los Angeles entrepreneur’s new business, the “Love Cloud,” which offers couples the opportunity to frolic while soaring 30,000 feet about the clouds (Hoda doesn’t quite see the point). The ladies also chat about TODAY’s Willard Scott tying the knot.

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>>> live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza . hi everybody. it's winesday wednesday april 2nd . hoda is losing it. we're all wearing blue to support autism awareness day .

>> we have breaking news on our program. it's going to be heartbreaking for a lot of people out there especially in the washington, metropolitan area . the meat market .

>> yes. another wedding on our today family. willard scott and his longtime partner paris tied the knot. isn't that lovely?

>> they dated 11 years. married in fort myers . when asked what honeymoon plans are, she says our whole life has been a honeymoon.

>> he spoke about his wife that died in 2002 . he loved her. it's so terrific when you've had a great love in your life and at 80 years old you announce it again.

>> first time i was ever on television it was with willard scott . i was nine years old in washington d.c.

>> remember when you came up to him recently in the makeup room?

>> it's not a good time to tell that story. people think we're feuding about yesterday.

>> i finally said something after six years.

>> and sent my mother to the hospital.

>> i went after her.

>> thank you.

>> that was not me.

>> yes, it was.

>> i don't know if my mom has a tv on. she was rushed to the hospital last night. i send you my love. if you need me, i'm coming. better take good care of my mother down there or you'll hear about it.

>> some people have it. tell them.

>> are you a member of the mile high club ?

>> if you know what it is, you might be. it's something that happens when you're up on a plane, with someone -- you don't have to love them, someone you care about sort of.

>> i always had to. i don't know about you.

>> any way, how many times have you done it up there?

>> here's the thing. an la entrepreneur decided to make money off this concept and created the love cloud. it's an airplane specifically made for people to have their mile high moment. okay. so they have a bed. and it's all equipped --

>> that's cheesy.

>> what are you talking about?

>> that's pretty. any way they have music. i guess the pilot wears noise cancelling headphones when flying.

>> how do we know that?

>> i don't believe it.

>> 799 dollars for 40 minutes. here's the thing about the mile high club for those of you who are in it. the whole point of the mile club is the --

>> danger.

>> secretive, no one knows it's happening. that's the magic.

>> supposedly this guy is booked through may.

>> if you're in the air and everybody knows that's what is for, what goes on?

>> i don't know what the thrill is. it's beyond me. there's a market for absolutely everything. this guy has given a half dozen flights so far. i bet he has. this is important. there's a professional cleaning service after each trip.

>> we have a big thing happening.

>> we do. american express is sponsoring everyday moments. the kickoff to an american express contest for the epic get away.

>> you submit photos of your mom inspired everyday moments.

>> what does that mean exactly?

>> photos like this one when your child -- when you give your child bananas and he uses them as hair gel.

>> today is peanut butter and jelly day. what can a person win?

>> a trip to new york city with your best friend with lots of events like a private maroon 5 conce concert.

>> private? go to our website to find out.

>> this is a big day . peanut putter and jelly day. this is also national child abuse prevention month. today is child health national day of hope. i used to go every year. it's when we remember that now five children a day die of either abuse or neglect. when i first started working with sarah, i think there were two for children -- these statistics go in the wrong direction. they've been doing child care , child health for 55 years. they think it's 9 million children they have saved in that amount of time. so just get involved if you can. if you see something, do something about it.