TODAY   |  April 02, 2014

Tamron: ‘I have an online shopping addiction’

The Huffington Post’s Brie Dyas and retail analyst Hitha Prabhakar offer advice to TODAY viewers (as well as to Tamron Hall, who fesses up to shopping online way too often) on how to avoid bad spending habits and control impulse buys.

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>>> in a little online shopping at work today or hitting the mall on the way home, we're going to help you to keep from overspending.

>> i'm with you. we've been outed. here with bad spending habits you can break right now it's huffington post senior editor and retail analyst, good morning.

>> good morning.

>> hi, my name is tamron and i have an online shopping addiction. i kind of don't want to cure it, but i want to save money. so that's my confession.

>> brie's like, you need help.

>> all right. so we're going through the list of some of the problems. first of all, brie, click spend while on break. i bought a belt upstairs while natalie was reading the news.

>> no, you did not.

>> i did.

>> that was a tight window, too. a short newscast.

>> what do i do?

>> it's everywhere around you. you go on facebook, the "new york times" and magically, you see these ads tailored to you with that belt you were just browsing for.

>> so the impulse clicking is something we're all susceptible to.

>> yes. it seems like a great deal tailored for you.

>> once you've bought something, these ads kind of follow you around wherever you go online. what can you do to stop that?

>> well, willie, the good thing i'm here to tell you, the great thing about humans, we have choices. we can disable this one click shopping. and the reason why it's so easy for you, tamron, and everyone else, because our credit card data is stored in those, you know, zappos, we could disable. you could get rid of your credit card information or with your web browser , you can disable your cookies. so basically cookies is we were discussing bread crumbs of where you've been and shopping and that's how these social networks track where you've been shopping.

>> kind of clear the cache, right?

>> exactly. you want to go down here go into settings.

>> okay.

>> you want to scroll down here. usually it's almost hidden in a weird way. you want to go to advance settings.

>> okay.

>> you want to go to -- go to privacy here. and then all you do is clear browsing data and you have all of these browsing history downloads, cache images and cookies, hit clear browsing data. by the way, this could happen for chrome, safari or internet explorer .

>> now, daily deals and coupon sites. why are they no good?

>> seems like a great thing, to get a 50% off a massage today only. we're busy people, forget about it and the money stacks up.

>> what do you do about it? what's the answer?

>> take a breather, scroll down the e-mail --

>> take a breather.

>> just unsubscribe from these e-mails. that's one way to do it. or what you could do is organize these daily deals in your g-mail or a different server for your e-mail. so it comes in at a certain time during the day. if you see it weekly or at the end of the day , there's ways --

>> okay. cash reward credit cards , why would that be a bad thing?

>> who wouldn't want cash back on everyday purchases? but having that little reward of 1% cash back everywhere actually inspires you to do more shopping. and what's worse about it is increases the amount of debt you're carrying month to month. that doesn't outweigh the benefit.

>> what do we do? cut the credit card ?

>> no, i actually like cash back. but you have to do it within your means. let's say your credit card 's giving you cash back on restaurants, gasoline, starbucks, i don't have a car, i don't go to a lot of restaurants, but i do go to a lot of starbucks and spend a lot of money there, you know, admittedly. but what ends up happening, if you're spending within your means, you could get almost to $150 back, which is what happened to me last month.

>> feel better?

>> no.

>> i'm going to practice it. inspired to do better. thank you for the great advice, and i will use it.