TODAY   |  April 02, 2014

How to get ‘Let It Go’ out of your head

In a new story, Time magazine’s science editor offers tips on how to get “earworms” such as the song “Let It Go” from the movie “Frozen” out of your brain, and suggests that activities like chewing gum can remove the tune.

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>>> 2014 . i'm willie geist along with natalie and tamron. al is out today having a little rotator cuff surgery. if you're watching, al, we wish you well. hope he's doing better.

>> he can't deck any of us for a while.

>>> okay. we're talking this morning about songs that for better or for worse get stuck in your head. it means you can't stop singing it to yourself, right? so "let it go," huge, massive hit from the movie "frozen" is everywhere.

>> thanks, guys. again. i just got it out of my head.

>> so popular is this song that now scientists are writing about how to get it out of your head if you want it out of your head.

>> this song?

>> yeah. it was spurred on by this song. "time" magazine science editor added chewing gum could interrupt the rhythm. listen to another song, that's an obvious one. keeping busy with work, exercise or a crossword puzzle . i know you were looking for one. distracts the brain and briefly silences the tune in your head.

>> still in my head.

>> how many times have you seen the movie?

>> oh, by now, i think, 10, 20 times.

>> really?

>> yeah. you like this song. this is your ear worm .

>> no. yeah, this is -- this is "blue." do you know this one?

>> of course.

>> it just says blue --

>> please stop.

>> and it goes on and on and on.

>> are those the lyrics?

>> yeah.

>> a lot of work to get rid of the song in your head, though. it's like, go exercise, no thanks. go do some other things, no thanks.

>> but happy. i haven't seen "frozen," somehow i haven't.

>> i watch it via skype with my nieces. now we're at the point we've watched it so much. we dressed in princess costumes. so i have a robe with a glitter belt and they're dressed in princess costumes.

>> you skype and watch the movie.

>> that's how bored they are but we keep watching it to take it to the next level.

>> can't help yourself .

>> it's a great movie.

>> science tip of the day --

>> check of the weather with dylan dreyer. go ahead, dylan.

>> the problem is if you chew the gum to the