TODAY   |  April 02, 2014

Cook delicious meals with gluten-free ingredients

Chris Kimball, host of “America’s Test Kitchen,” introduces TODAY viewers to cooking and baking with gluten-free ingredients without sacrificing flavor.

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>> out with a new book "how can it be gluten-free cookbook." good morning. make us believers. it's going to be tasty?

>> well, here's the problem. you can't use wheat flour . you have to make your own mix or buy the supermarket's. that's just the beginning. because once you do that, you have a lot of other things to overcome. this is the mix we use, actually.

>> that's interesting because what you've found is essentially mixing a bunch of different flours is a better building block for tastier food.

>> yeah, we use two kinds of rice flours, white and brown, potato starch, tapioca starch and dry milk powder. the problem is, though, if you substituted this one for one for regular flour, you still got a lot of problems. this is complicated. but that's a good start.

>> okay.

>> somebody who doesn't want to do the whole blend, is there an over the counter flour to buy?

>> there's over-the-counter to buy in the supermarket, couple of brands. but then you have to think about other things. the proteins in flour when they're hydrated with water create gluten and creates structure.

>> let's make chicken pot pie , one of my favorites. pressure on you here, what do we do?

>> you also order the roast chicken. so we started with the classic method. we have chicken stock , we also have vegetables we sauteed. we used 1/3 cup of our own mix to thicken. this does a great job of thickening like regular flour. we poached chicken breast in it, took about 20 minutes .

>> well, they came out today and said salt's okay for you.

>> yes, we did.

>> i knew that already. so little parsley, we'll mix that up.

>> okay.

>> that's standard except we switched out the thickener.

>> okay.

>> and this is going into a pie plate. now the trick with all of this is what do you do for the top? because you need pie pastry. so what we did was come up with our own method. this, actually, was one of our best methods. we used a little vinegar, little sour cream. the problem is they're very tough and we added a little bit of kind of glue to keep things together and you prebake it and put it on top and this goes back in the oven for ten minutes.

>> another toughy because of the noodles.

>> e yeah, the problem is you have to buy a brand of noodles. there is a brand we like out there that worked pretty well. you barely cook them, six or seven minutes, the rest is fairly standard. the one thing we found is we pureed the tomato product so you didn't have big chunks of tomato.

>> so it won't break the noodles.

>> mozzarella and parmesan, you put that in a hot oven for about 25 minutes, finish it at 375 for another 25 minutes.

>> am i supposed to dive right in here?

>> yeah. go right ahead.

>> seems inelegant.

>> i'll help you.

>> i'm going to go right for it. actually mentioned the recipes are on if you're gluten free , this is going to be, what? a revelation?

>> it was a revolution.

>> okay.

>> the hardest thing we ever did. but these recipes, we did chocolate chip cookies , we could not tell the difference.

>> is it good?

>> it's good.

>> and you're not acting, right?