TODAY   |  April 02, 2014

16 alarming secrets about flying

The Huffington Post released a list that reveals unsettling secrets about airlines from flight attendants and experts, including the fact that just because blankets and pillows are in bags doesn’t mean they’ve been washed.

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>>> here, okay? the alarming list that will change the way you look at flying, all right. " huffington post " gathered shocking airline secrets from flight attendants and experts. here are the revelations that we found most surprising. your blanket, right, the one they give you in that little bag. no, it has not been washed.

>> it's in the bag.

>> blankets and pillows get refolded and stuffed back into the bins between flight.

>> how do they seal it?

>> they must put another bag around it and --

>> they have a sealer standby?

>> pack all your belongings and suck the air out of it with the thing --

>> i cover my face with that blanket.

>> last night, i had it right up to my nose.

>> not after today.

>> you're all going to have to get over this. don't even ask about your tray table. okay. now, you can be upgraded to first class after you takeoff. one flight attendant says it helps if you're very nice, pregnant, tall, or good looking or all of the above, savannah. that would work. if you're extra thirsty during the food service , you have the right to ask for the whole can of soda.

>> my mom demands the whole can.

>> flight attendants don't mind that. and finally, don't drink the water unless it comes from a bottle.

>> why?

>> well, apparently --

>> why?

>> where else would you drink the water? the bathroom?

>> well, you definitely --

>> there's apparently the portable water and the person who reseals the water and deals with the lavatory --

>> it's toilet water ?

>> no, but sometimes -- makes it toilet water .

>> you watch them crack open the bottle of water.

>> all the poor flight attendants today are saying thanks a lot, guys.

>> more shocking than that 43% of pilot admitted they've fallen asleep in the cockpit. that's pretty scary.

>> i'm flying later today . i'll be remembering all this.

>> well, you get the water